ISPI Performance Digest
May. 19, 2015

The role of e-learning in performance improvement
eLearning Industry
Having a highly engaged workforce does not always guarantee that the organization will not have to deal with under-performing employees. There will always be situations where poor performance must be identified and dealt with. So when it comes to performance improvement, where does e-learning fit in? More

How to get your colleagues' attention
Harvard Business Review
When we're all constantly bombarded with emails and Outlook invitations, it can be tough to get your colleagues' attention when you need it. It's important to cut to the chase and make crystal clear what you need your colleagues to do, when and, perhaps most important, why.More

6 focus points to align QMS with BPM
Quality Magazine
Organizations can be more effective and efficient with the proper alignment of operations management methods, such as Business Process Management and Quality Management System. These two are typically viewed separately but do have commonalities. More

10 countries with the top skills and education in this economy
The World Economic Forum's Human Capital Report 2015 quantifies how various countries are developing and deploying their human capital, and tracks that progress over a period of time. More

Managing life after mentoring
Talent Management
As you and your protege reach the end of your partnership, how do you manage "farewell" with a focus on "well"? More

10 worst body language mistakes
Your body language has likely become an integral part of who you are, to the point where you might not even think about it. If that's the case, it’s time to start, because you could be sabotaging your career.More