ISPI Performance Digest
May. 28, 2013

The booming business of auto analytics
Harvard Business Review
For millennia people have run by feel, an "art of combining our breath and mind and muscles into fluid self-propulsion over wild terrain," says Christopher McDougall in his anthropological study of the topic. Many of us still run this way, of course, but for how much longer? Now we can lace up a pair of "smart" sneakers and instantly shift from running by feel to running by metrics. Guesses at how far and how fast are replaced by real time stats on pace and meters traveled. If you think you'll never make the switch, think again. More

Managing risk across borders
Dr. David Hillson
Many organizations conduct business internationally in our connected world, and we need to consider the particular risks that might arise from operating or trading across borders. We recently learned about the risk approach adopted by AECI, whose business involves transporting toxic chemicals and high explosives across Africa. Your business may not be as volatile, but if there is an international aspect to your operations, you might like to consider these risk categories and see whether any of them might be relevant.More

Process in the digital revolution
BP Trends
Today, business is about the "here and now" — wherever "here" happens to be at whatever "now" people choose to work. Documents, and even e-mail, are going out of fashion as people want concise and relevant information at their fingertips without the need to wade through lots of text. Social media is not just about Facebooking your friends, but media-driven social collaboration is becoming a key part of business. So where does this leave process and process management?More

21 ways to get visual ideas for your instructional design
The eLearning Coach
When you're stuck in a rut or brain-drained, it's hard to be creative on demand. Here are some resources that may generate ideas and strategies for approaches to visual design. You may find inspiration for designing an entire course, a title screen, a job aid or a way to make an abstract concept concrete.More

Success through consistency
I/O at Work
In this study, the authors examined how rhythms of change relate to firm performance. An exploratory analysis revealed that corporate strategic changes occur in distinct rhythms; additionally, companies that change in regular rhythms outperform those that change irregularly.More

Deloitte research: 'Culture of purpose' is key to success
There is a link between organizations that instill a sense of purpose and their long-term success, says a new survey just released by Deloitte. Yet, businesses are still not doing enough to create this sense of purpose and make a positive impact on all stakeholders. More