ISPI Performance Digest
May 31, 2011

Closing the skills gap
Chief Learning Officer
To boost educational achievement, CLOs can do more than tutor in local schools and set up internship programs for college students. They can play a direct role in shaping tomorrow's workforce today.More

Generational differences in recognition, rewards
Human Resources Executive Online
As it turns out, the gap between Generation Y and baby boomer workers encompasses more than differing tastes in music, fashion and politics. They also differ in the way each group views the fruits of hard work and extra responsibility — and the gap is a wide one, according to Inspiring Talent, a global survey of employee attitudes based on responses from more than 4,000 employees in 14 countries by London-based consulting firm Lumesse.More

It's much better to lead than to lag
New Zealand Herald
Every business needs robust and disciplined measures to review the past, monitor the present and plan for the future. However, it seems many workplaces focus only on measuring historic factors such as profitability, absenteeism, staff turnover and market share.More

Are you ready for the new workforce?
HRM Today
When a combination of social, political and technological evolutionary forces come together to generate a workforce shifts, that shift often leaps from impossible to imagine to impossible to avoid.More

British Columbia helps employers with staff training
Canadian HR Reporter
British Columbia has launched a pilot program meant to help local businesses and nonprofit organizations train staff to better meet the demands of a changing labor market. The $3 million Targeted Skills Shortage Pilot Program is designed to help low-skilled employees gain new skills to improve productivity, take on new responsibilities and advance their careers, said the government.More

NYC hospitals adopt cultural competency training
The New York City Health and Hospitals Corp., the nation's largest urban health care agency, serving 1.3 million patients, will adopt cultural competency training for staff members to help improve the health of LGBT people.More

A disengaged generation: Young workers disengaged by pressures of work worldwide
GfK Group
Young workers throughout the world are lacking in engagement with their employers and are the most affected by perceived pressures at work, posing long-term retention and management problems for companies and countries, a new GfK study has found.More

Annual performance reviews: The easiest conversation you should have
An annual performance review should be the easiest conversation a manager should have with an employee — if the manager has managed this process appropriately during a 12-month period.More

Employee development or a flea circus?
Training Zone
People establish habits quickly. They think, act and respond in the same way repeatedly. After something is learned through repetition — which really doesn't take long — human beings habituate and then automate those habits, behaviors and beliefs. But what if we lift the lid?More