ISPI Performance Digest
Jun. 3, 2014

7 steps for avoiding initiative gridlock
PM eZine
What looks good on paper doesn't always translate to real life. All too often annual strategic planning processes at the corporate and department level establish objectives without adequately considering the time, effort and focus required to implement them. More times than not, this creates gridlock at the frontline as supervisors and the workforce attempt to juggle competing priorities while staying on top of their core work. Follow these steps to coordinate corporate and departmental plans so that the quality and volume of the core work isn't sacrificed.More

How these 4 talent practices add up to big revenue gains
Harvard Business Review
Too many companies miss out on enormous opportunities for growth and profitability because they don't appreciate the impact of excellent talent management. Now, research by Gallup clarifies the relationship between firms' use of four specific human capital practices and their revenue growth. More

Team-specific motivation: Discovering your team's biggest drivers
Mind Tools
Each person on your team is unique, and they are all motivated to succeed by different things. However, chances are some common factors motivate everyone. And, once you have uncovered these top motivators, you can focus on them to bring out the very best in everyone. So, how can you identify your team's top motivators? One way to do this is with the "Team-Specific Motivation" exercise. More

Being creative in a cubicle-filled world
Innovative Learning Group
ow can one be creative in a tan cube world? The best artists learn to break with convention, rise above the obstacles and be creative in spite of their surroundings.More

How to determine your online training budget
As companies build a training department, there are many questions that come up. What training role should we hire first? Should we start with live training or online training? What learning technology should we choose? How much should we invest in the overall training function? How much of the investment should be spent on the different functions within the training department?More

Selling courses? Do this first
If you are creating an online course, at some point you will think about the possibility of selling it. First, this is a fantastic idea, as selling courses is a great way to earn some extra income (even a full-time income). That said, too often people slap a price onto their courses and expect customers to come knocking down the doors — but it just doesn't work that way.More

Are these the colleges with the worst ROI?
President Barack Obama has said he wants the federal government to come up with a ranking system for colleges that compares graduation rates, student debt and how much money students earn after graduation. Writer Susan Adams investigated one list of poor performers and found information that she says is "eye-opening and helps inform the challenges the federal government will face in coming up with its own list."More

Change your posture, change your life
Big Think
Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, has a great TED talk explaining how holding our bodies in a different way can change our minds, alter our behavior and improve our days. Slight tweaks to our body language can transform, she says, "the way your life unfolds." Two minutes is all you need. More