ISPI Performance Digest
June. 7, 2011

Where technology goes, learning will follow
Chief Learning Officer
Evolving technology keeps Qualcomm's Learning Center Team on its toes. The company's methods to create learning material at a fast pace placed it at No. 7 in "Chief Learning Officer" magazine's LearningElite. For Qualcomm, an organization that values innovation, it's all about staying ahead of the curve.More

E-learning: An analysis of processes, benefits and the future
Cool Avenues
E-learning is the delivery of learning and training using electronic media. It can be used as the main method of delivery of training or as a combined approach with classroom-based training. E-learning also is helping to embed learning within work processes as organizations begin to recognize learning is not something that takes place only in a classroom. In fact, 70 percent of all learning occurs on the job.More

How to Get & Use Customer Knowledge to Support Innovation
International Society for Performance Improvement
Many organizations pretend to be customer-driven but in reality are not. They think they have some idea of what their customers really want, need or desire — but they have little hard data to support their assumptions or make hard decisions regarding new, profitable services. Join Lance Welter and Tricia Sutton on June 15 as they focus on why and how to get better intelligence on your customers to anticipate their needs and offer innovative solutions. More

How to reinforce training
Training is not an end to a means. It's part of the journey. When you're going on a trip, typically you plan ahead to buy tickets, make reservations and arrange transportation. With training, you need to do the same thing. You must choose your destination before you plot your course. This is why you should include behavior reinforcement in your training design: It's part of planning how you're going to get where you want to go.More

Measured response
Despite fervent debate about whether companies should measure the ROI of their training and development programs, most proceed (or not) on gut instinct.More

Research ties performance management to stock market success
Workforce Management
Companies that set goals for employees, align those goals with broader strategies and vary the performance ratings employees receive tend to outperform their peers in the stock market, according to a new study.More

Management: Strategic business improvement in the new economy
Quality Magazine
The future is recognition and cultural acceptance of accelerated, technology-driven sustainable strategic improvement with unlimited possibilities and unlimited competitive rewards for success. More

Developing the ranks
HRM Asia
The highest mileage in your business comes from your people, says Vincy Ng, HR director for APAC, Brady Corporation. "When you provide them with specific skills, they can make a difference to the organization."More

Building effective global teams
Human Resource Executive Online
Managing in today's complex world has been made more challenging by global unrest and continuing economic uncertainty. In building and aligning successful cross-functional and multicultural teams on global projects, leaders must take a tailored, nuanced approach.More

Training: Doing more with less
HRM Asia
A detailed training needs analysis should be conducted and a cost-effective training framework outlined to evaluate an organization's training situation. Here are some ideas to make this happen.More