ISPI Performance Digest
Jun. 10, 2014

Next SkillCast tackles client-consultant collaboration
One of the more frustrating occurrences during a project is the consultant's realization that the consultant and client are not on the same sheet of music regarding expected project results. If this is a concern for you, join us for the June 18 SkillCast webinar, "Getting To: WE Can Do That!" by Scott D. Anderson, CPT, and Kaie Latterner. This webinar will provide case examples of very different outcomes once change management is effectively employed and the client is truly engaged in the process. Register today!More

At UPS, strategy is worth 1,000 trucks
Chief Learning Officer
Thanks to its Strategic Enterprise Fund for learning, UPS's business is ready to evolve at the same rate as emerging markets and groundbreaking technology. By relying on a program designed to deliver the right training to each person at the right time in his or her career, UPS Inc. believes it can develop any employee into a leader who can eventually run a multibillion-dollar company.More

4 ways to take global leadership development to the next level
It seems inconceivable that the effectiveness of global leadership development efforts is declining in a time when organizations are increasingly working with global partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. But it is. "Global Leadership Development: Preparing Leaders for a Globalized Market," the fifth annual collaborative study by i4cp and the American Management Association, explores the current state of global leadership development and uncovers four ways organizations can bring global leadership development effectiveness back on an upswing.More

Accelerating the digitization of business processes
McKinsey & Company
Customers have been spoiled. Thanks to companies such as Amazon and Apple, they now expect every organization to deliver products and services swiftly, with a seamless user experience. Many traditional organizations can't meet these expectations. As a result, attackers born in the digital age can swoop in and disrupt the market through rapid delivery of digital products and services combined with advanced algorithms and full access to information.More

Transforming Louisville: Performance improvement in public works and EMS
Government Technology
The city's Office of Performance Improvement has linked performance reporting to strategy to transform Louisville's operational culture, and initiatives in Public Works and Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services provide compelling evidence of this transformation.More

Army harnesses cloud for learning
Federal Times
Efforts to take advantage of cloud technology are underway across the government, in various stages of maturity, with promises of savings and efficiencies serving as a major boon. In the Army, one organization has successfully moved its most critical mission to a commercial cloud, improving operational effectiveness significantly.More