ISPI Performance Digest
June. 14, 2011

Employees driving factor of learning, development
International Business Times
Employees have been found to be the primary driving factor of L&D practices, rather than overall business strategy, according to the 2011 National Learning and Development Index. According to the report, there is a noticeable decrease in the number of respondents who believe L&D activities and their outcomes are linked closely to business strategy.More

Please don't go!
Learn how to train — and retain — your leaders for the long term. We're still in an economy that's more oriented to the employer than the employed, but with a slow recovery in progress and better times ahead, you need a plan to prevent your competitors from wooing your best leaders.More

How to Get & Use Customer Knowledge to Support Innovation
International Society for Performance Improvement
Many organizations pretend to be customer-driven but in reality are not. They think they have some idea of what their customers really want, need or desire — but they have little hard data to support their assumptions or make hard decisions regarding new, profitable services. Join Lance Welter and Tricia Sutton on June 15 as they focus on why and how to get better intelligence on your customers to anticipate their needs and offer innovative solutions. More

Industry puts heat on schools to teach skills employers need
The Wall Street Journal
Big U.S. employers, worried about replacing retiring baby boomers, are wading deeper into education and growing bolder about telling educators how to run their business.More

What sells training?
The Skills Portal
You have an exceptional training product with outstanding credentials to back it up, but you are failing to penetrate your target market. Sound familiar? This is a common problem experienced by most training providers during their careers. How do you sell training, especially in industries seemingly closed to the idea?More

Organizational Intelligence: What It Is, Why It Is Important, How to Get It
International Society for Performance Improvement
We have an array of training, performance and HPT models to guide us, but most in staff support roles, like HR, lack business models to help see the organization from the perspective of business managers. Based on their new book, "Organizational Intelligence," Ken Silber, CPT, Ph.D., and Lynn Kearny, CPT, will show you how to think and talk about an organization as business managers do.More

International companies use social networks, e-learning technology to retain talent
The Hindu
With attrition becoming a critical issue, many multi-nationals now are using social networks, blogs, online communities, gaming and other collaborative learning technologies to create a comfortable, learning-based work atmosphere and retain talent.More

The human energy crisis
Chief Learning Officer
To boost organizational performance, pay attention to how employees create and manage energy. Learning and innovation will benefit as a result.More

Who pays for employee training, education?
The legal experts at get lots of questions regarding what employers must pay when workers take various classes, certification courses, higher education and other training, either voluntarily or as required. Here are some recent questions and answers.More

Growing talent base, competitive edge
HRM Asia
The majority of organizations invest time and money in the hiring process to ensure they identify the right people for their organizational needs. But after being hired and placed in a new role, it becomes essential for talent to be nurtured, developed and ultimately retained for the future.More