ISPI Performance Digest
June. 21, 2011

Training secrets from inside the Googleplex
Fast Company
Think you have training challenges? Try making sure thousands of your sales agents are keeping pace with the ever-changing online ad business. Google shows us how they do it.More

The upsurge in informal learning
Chief Learning Officer
Informal learning has emerged as an important element in employee development, and collaborative tools and technology help facilitate this process.More

Organizational Intelligence: What It Is, Why It Is Important, How to Get It
International Society for Performance Improvement
We have an array of training, performance and HPT models to guide us, but most in staff support roles — like HR — lack business models to help see the organization from the perspective of business managers. Based on their new book, "Organizational Intelligence," Ken Silber, CPT, Ph.D., and Lynn Kearny, CPT, will show you how to think and talk about an organization as business managers do. More

Leadership development: Out of classroom, into workplace
A groundbreaking study by "Towards Maturity," looking into the effectiveness of technology-led leadership and management development, reveals that learning technology is bringing executive development out of the classroom and firmly into the workplace.More

Internal, informal hires left with no training, support
HR Zone
Despite the benefits coaching can bring, too many organizations select internal candidates on an informal basis and then fail to provide them with adequate training or support, a study has revealed.More

CIPD: Older workers 'forgotten' in workplace
The Telegraph
As the pensions bill makes its way through Parliament in the U.K. — promising to extend the working lives of thousands of people — new research has shown older workers often are forgotten at work when it comes to training and career development.More

Learning is the new work
Chief Learning Officer
Educating should be done on the job, not in the classroom. Innovation requires importing into the workplace patterns of thought from foreign sources that often are detached from learning regimes.More

Keep workers smiling
A government initiative aims to help SMEs boost employee engagement. Start by creating happier workplaces.More