ISPI Performance Digest
Jun. 24, 2014

CDC's Quick-Learn Design Toolkit for e-learning designers
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Quick‑Learn Design Toolkit assists instructional designers and Web developers create quick‑learn lessons. The toolkit provides instructional design guidance and Web development tips as well as a PowerPoint template to lay out and evaluate lesson content.More

Manage a difficult conversation with emotional intelligence
Harvard Business Review
Just as you disagree with your spouse, your best friend or your parents, at some point you are likely to disagree with someone at work. Many leaders choose to approach situations of conflict with logic: if a team member isn't pulling his weight, get proof; if your office mate makes an egregious mistake, take note of the ways her mistake breaches company policy. But while logic is an important aspect of conflict resolution, it is only part of the equation. Emotions cannot be ignored.More

Simple trick for selling more courses
If you are creating online courses to sell, then you know it can be difficult to get your offering in front of the right audience. If you are trying to break into online course sales industry, it can be intimidating, especially if you are not very well known (yet) in your field of practice. This is where partnering with others makes sense.More

Why you hate work
The New York Times
The way we're working isn't working. Even if you're lucky enough to have a job, you're probably not very excited to get to the office in the morning, you don't feel much appreciated while you're there, you find it difficult to get your most important work accomplished, amid all the distractions, and you don't believe that what you're doing makes much of a difference anyway.More

Happy employees: A look at the top career motivators
Inc. Magazine
Your current employees might truly be satisfied with their current position at your company. But unfortunately for you, this doesn't mean they won't consider other opportunities. Despite the fact that the majority of people are pretty happy with their jobs, just 15 percent say they don't want to move, according to a report from LinkedIn.More

Who says onboarding can't be fun?
Business Management Daily
Day One of a new job is not typically associated with fun. New hires usually spend their first day filling out forms, meeting coworkers and trying to keep their heads above water. But some employers choose to enliven their onboarding process with games, quizzes and other activities that inform while they entertain.More