ISPI Performance Digest
July 5, 2011

What's killing your change initiatives?
Chief Learning Officer
Learning leaders can help root out the usual suspects by involving employees in change before, during and after the process.More

Study: CEOs demand more from already stretched workforce
Business Wire
CEOs have set bullish growth targets for 2011 and are demanding significant increases in workforce productivity to meet them, according to new research from global management consultancy Hay Group. Its report about strategic performance management is based on research among 1,660 senior decision-makers in more than 30 countries worldwide.More

Spending increases for talent management systems
Human Resource Executive Online
For the third year, HR organizations are increasing their spending for HR technology systems, but their focus is changing from compartmentalized, transactional processes to more integrated systems that facilitate workforce planning and analysis.More

How to train US workers back into manufacturing jobs
Despite gloomy job prospects, many American manufacturers are on the prowl for top talent, but they say too few workers are trained for the tasks.More

Re-skilling workforce in challenging times
Deccan Herald
As companies in Bangalore, India, and abroad start hiring again in the wake of the global economic downturn, it is important to keep an eye on the horizon and develop their workforce capabilities for the future.More

Uniting communities from within
HRM Asia
Nokia Siemens Networks prides itself on helping staff achieve full potential. "Performance management at the company doesn't involve emphasis only on what is achieved, but also how it is achieved," says Ciaron Murphy, an HR leader for NSN.More

Does your organization pass the longevity test?
Of the top 25 industrial corporations in the United States in 1900, only two remained on that list at the start of the 1960s. And of the top 25 companies on the Fortune 500 in 1961, only six remain there today. What leads organizations to longevity? More

When benchmarking gets in the way of good performance management
Nearly three decades after benchmarking came on the scene, companies still claim it to be an integral part of their internal performance improvement processes. But few would argue its value to the business now has diminished. Sometimes it gets in the way of identifying improvements and driving change.More

Report warns company leaders not prepared for future demands
The Globe and Mail via CTV
Leaders may have been able to get by in the past solely on their abilities to meet the bottom line, demand changes and make difficult strategic decisions. But such a purely strategic approach won't be enough to survive the management challenges of the next few years. More

Indian CEOs to drive harder employee performance to achieve growth
The Economic Times
Indian CEOs are more confident of achieving their growth target than are their global counterparts, but they are conscious of the need to increase productivity, says a global study.More