ISPI Performance Digest
Jul. 9, 2013

Gallup Engagement Survey 2013: Key workplace trends
Officing Today
The latest "State of the American Workplace" report from Gallup makes interesting reading. Here, we outline three key trends from the report on how to engage workers — and drive greater productivity — through the workplace. It seems there is no limit to the positive outcomes associated with a highly engaged workforce.More

Organizational psychology: New hires set loyalty pattern within first 30 days
Leading Company
Companies that don't put effort into welcoming and training, or "onboarding," their new hires risk quickly losing them, says Talya Bauer, the Cameron Professor of Management at Portland State University. Bauer says America's 500 largest companies, the Fortune 500, employ 500,000 new managers every year — and half of those new managers fail within 18 months on the job. For workers not in management, 1 in 2 leave within the first three months of being hired, and 1 in 5 staff leave after fewer than 45 days in a role.More

What words reveal about analytics and performance management
Information Management
What trends have developed over the past century for enterprise and corporate performance management methods and business analytics?More

Business Intelligence is only the beginning, predicts Gartner
Business Administration Information
As business intelligence and analytic capabilities increase, Gartner Research predicts that it will grow into an integral part of business, what principal research analyst Dan Sommer calls "a world of analytics everywhere."More

Partnerships for improvement of performance
Zambia Daily Mail
By the time you read this article, the 49th Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola will be water under the bridge, but two things stood out. One is how the Workers Compensation Fund Control Board related to the theme "value addition through global partnerships," and another is the call by stakeholders, especially judges, for the board to avail information on the products and services that it provides to workers who contract disabilities as a result of occupational accidents and diseases.More

What workplaces need to learn from bees
The Globe and Mail
David Zinger is a Winnipeg-based consultant who hosts a human hive, the 5,900 member Employee Engagement Network, for whom collaboration is a vital concern. Phil Veldhuis is a professor of philosophy at the University of Manitoba who also happens to be a bee whisperer and bee hive keeper, hosting 1,200 hives with about 48 million swarming bees each summer. Aganetha Dyck is an award-winning artist who has created art with honeybees for two decades. In recent years, the three got together to look at what could be learned about human collaboration from studying bees, and also to mix objects from the office with honeybees. More