ISPI Performance Digest
Jul. 15, 2014

How to avoid collaboration fatigue
Harvard Business Review
It's nearly impossible to escape a meeting or conference call without someone touting the virtues of collaboration. After all, researchers have linked collaboration to increased innovation, and many have compellingly argued for collaboration's role in better leadership performance. Collaboration just feels right — like a big hug or a warm puppy. But collaboration also has an overlooked dark side.More

Hierarchies still matter on the job
Business Management Daily
In today's open offices where communication is more casual, it feels like everyone is on equal footing and working for a meritocracy. But that's wrong, says Jeffrey Pfeffer, an organizational behavior professor at Stanford University. Power structures haven't changed much over time. More

4 things you thought were true about managing millennials
Harvard Business Review
There seems to be an endless fascination with millennials at work. There are studies, books, articles, blog posts and white papers — all about what makes them so different from the generations that came before. And as they continue to enter and occupy the workforce, more and more is written about how they behave (or misbehave) at the office. But are these cries actually true? Is managing them all that different from managing Gen Xers or baby boomers? More

HR's future strategy for digital learning
The HR Director
The use of digital tools for learning continues to be an area of both great promise and great frustration for many organizations. Organizations are struggling to develop digital learning strategies that bridge the expectations of the multigenerational workforce while individuals are struggling to learn and make effective business decisions amidst a sea of distracting content on the internet. So how can HR professionals develop digital learning strategies that connect a multitude of learning technologies and are aligned with organizational strategy? More

What every LMS is missing
Searching for the best LMS for your organization, or even personal use, can be quite the task. There are countless options out there, and each one has its own strengths. The question is though, what should you look for when you are looking for an LMS. More

Top 10 ways to deliver influential presentations
PM Hut
If you run a PMO, you need to know more than just project management. You need to be able to influence the top decision makers in your organization and drive change. Formal influencing usually happens in a meeting where you provide some sort of documents and or a presentation. Even if this are just routine meetings, you cannot treat a PowerPoint Presentation as if you were reading an email to a group. More