ISPI Performance Digest
July 19, 2011

Change management vs. change leadership: What's the difference?
John Kotter writes, "I am often asked about the difference between 'change management' and 'change leadership,' and whether it's just a matter of semantics. These terms are not interchangeable."More

Developing business-savvy leaders
Building leaders' business acumen can have significant impact on the bottom line. Three stories about managers illustrate the point.More

'Building and Sustaining Relationships' offers valuable insight
International Society for Performance Improvement
People are our most valuable resources. They introduce important connections into our network and provide us with ideas and perspectives beyond our own. Given how important others are to both individual and organizational success, the process of building and nurturing coworker and client relationships should be given the attention it deserves. This webinar will help participants understand the importance of building relationships to project management and will provide them with the necessary tools to build these relationships on individual, team and client levels.More

Consultants: Tight budgets provide opportunity for positive change
Federal Times
Federal executives face increasingly complex challenges as they seek to derive more value from their programs, even as budgets tighten. Federal executives need to improve their games in a few specific areas to succeed in this tough new environment, say consultants Morgan Kinghorn, Robert Shea and Norm Lorentz.More

Please don't go!
Learn how to train — and retrain — your leaders for the long term. We remain in an economy that's more oriented to the employer than the employed, but with a slow recovery in progress and better times ahead, you need a plan to prevent your competitors from successfully wooing your best leaders. More

Army's official mail system streamlined by Lean Six Sigma processes
Guidon Performance Solutions
Warrant officers in the Adjutant General Corps are using Lean Six Sigma methodology to enhance and automate personnel actions and data flow within human resources systems, according to the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System. More

Boosting the performance of performance reviews
The Globe and Mail via CTV
Daniel Debow and David Stein have accomplished something remarkable: Harnessing the power of social media, they have resuscitated the moribund chore of employee evaluation, turning the dreary corporate performance review into a dynamic, interactive experience. More

Research: Organizations with leadership development generate 7 times greater business impact
Chief Learning Officer
Bersin & Associates, a research and consulting firm, announced new study results that show organizations with high-impact leadership development programs are developing a new kind of leader and are seven times more effective at delivering improved business and talent results than organizations with less sophisticated leadership development functions.More

The return of multiple job offers
Jobs still are hard to come by — unless you're part of the elite group of job seekers who are fielding not one but several competing opportunities simultaneously. More