ISPI Performance Digest
Jul. 22, 2014

Why people work more than they must, choosing stress
Big Think
Researchers at the University of Chicago have found — perhaps it's no surprise given the struggling economy — that many people are willing to work more hours than are needed to do their jobs, even though it results in a more stressful life. This phenomenon is called "over-earning" by scientists and is though to be a relic of our evolutionary past.More

How music affects your productivity
Fast Company
Does music itself help one to create? This is an important question to examine, because music has increasingly become part of the modern-day work session. More

Global Innovation Index 2014 spells promising signs for Africa
Venture Burn
Swizerland, the United Kingdom and Sweden have been named the world’s most innovative countries of 2014. The seventh annual Global Innovation Index study also found positive signs for Sub-Saharan Africa's innovation performance, highlighting its strong growth.More

Strategic planning: 7 questions for creating high-performing customers
You can think about creating high-performing customers as anticipating what people taking part in a process might need to learn, know or do, as well as how they need to adapt and behave so the process owner can deliver the greatest value. Think about the vocabulary and process Starbucks uses to keeps its lines moving as smoothly as possible; that's what we're talking about with this concept.More

Performance improvement program helps doctors better manage depression
Wolters Kluwer Health via Science Daily
A performance improvement initiative for physicians can significantly increase their use of evidence-based practices in screening for and treating depression, researchers report. Depression is a common and potentially disabling condition that can be difficult to treat. While 1 in 3 U.S. adults will experience a major depressive episode during their lifetime, a quarter of patients are undiagnosed, and fewer than half of those who are diagnosed receive treatment.More

What networking isn't
Business Management Daily
In the professional world, networking is crucial to building and maintaining a career — even if you're an introvert who finds it particularly challenging. But you can learn to reduce the tension surrounding this important activity. Certified life and career coach Dorothy Tannahill-Moran cites some common networking myths that may be further intimidating introverts.More