ISPI Performance Digest
Jul. 23, 2013

Work environment redesign
Deloitte University Press
To address increasing performance pressure, companies need to tap into the only resource with unlimited potential: their talent. On-the-job learning and talent development provide an effective and sustainable way to accelerate performance improvement at individual, team, organization and ecosystem levels. But the way the workplace is constructed — physically, virtually and managerially — can have a critical impact on employee productivity, passion and innovation.More

Crowdsourcing the performance review nixes single point of failure
TechTarget's SearchFinancialApplications
The annual manager-employee review process is so firmly entrenched at many organizations that it can be hard to imagine a different approach. Now with the rise of social performance management, many HR managers are evaluating their review processes through a new lens. But should performance reviews really be socialized? In his book "The Crowdsourced Performance Review: How to Use the Power of Social Recognition to Transform Employee Performance," Eric Mosely, CEO of Globoforce Ltd., a vendor of cloud-based social recognition tools, breaks down the value proposition of implementing a social recognition program and incorporating peer-to-peer feedback into the review process.More

Incentivize your auto-replies
Julie Bernhard
'Tis the season for exotic trips, fun in the sun and raining out-of-office replies. Of course, the auto-reply serves its purpose — but have you ever thought it could do your job while you are gone? While the standard auto-response — "I am currently out of the office until Monday, July 22, and will respond to your message upon my return" — delivers the necessary details, it also turns on the snooze button.More

Robot revolution? Scientists teach robots to learn
National Geographic
Would a robot serving you coffee in bed make waking up easier on weekday mornings? Could a household robot help an elderly relative who is living alone? How would you like to climb into a robotic car and eat breakfast with the kids while you're all driven to school and work? These scenarios may sound like science fiction, but experts say they're a lot closer to becoming reality than you probably think. Brown University roboticist Chad Jenkins expects a near-term robot revolution that will echo the computing revolution of recent decades. And he says it will be driven by enabling robots to learn more like humans do — by watching others demonstrate behaviors and by asking questions.More

Expert: International certification measures competence in changing market
Middle East Events
The Middle East has witnessed a spurt in the popularity of internationally certified courses, said Dr. Leroy Mcgraw, President of the prestigious U.S.-based International Purchase and Supply Chain Management Institute. He was speaking at the 22nd convocation ceremony of UAE's leading management training institution, Blue Ocean Academy, in Dubai recently.More