ISPI Performance Digest
July 26, 2011

Stop long, boring staff training; start short, social learning modules
Business Insider
Your staff members are used to Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other social media platforms. At home they're not watching TV with antennas; they're watching Hulu, YouTube and videos from Netflix. They are using PlayBooks, iPhones and streaming Pandora in their cars. However, when they get to work you're training them with old and boring videos from the Stone Age. Is it any wonder they fall asleep?More

Report on performance management reforms coming in September
Federal Times
A U.S. federal task force in September plans to unveil its suggestions on how to hold poor performers accountable and reward hard workers. Leading up to the report, the Employee Performance Management Work Group, made of top personnel officials, labor leaders and other employee representatives, is holding weekly meetings to discuss ways to improve performance management.More

Filling skills gaps through apprenticeships
Human Resource Executive Online
HR leaders could fill some of their hard-to-fill positions by creating apprenticeship programs that teach individuals the skills their organizations need. But a growing, often unnecessary, dependency on college diplomas as well as other barriers have kept many organizations from moving forward.More

Management of change
Plant Services
A successful management of change process requires significant front-end planning that makes implementation easier. Follow these 11 steps to improve plant efficiency and avoid mishaps.More

Managing the millennials: Effective vs. challenged managers
The research behind a popular management book called for one-on-one interviews with managers who were considered successful at motivating millennials — and with those who struggled. What did the authors learn?More

Improving productivity with an integrated communication infrastructure
Business Insider
According to Microsoft Research, it is estimated that most SMBs waste 10-20 percent of their time in a workweek because of a lack of efficient business processes and a poor communications infrastructure.More

Residents at heart of learning and development
Learning new skills leading to employment and involvement are the key aspirations for an exciting new Residents' Academy that has been launched by Spectrum Housing Group.More

No-cost leadership training ideas
The Washington Post
Leadership development is an important investment in employees and a means to improve the performance of federal agencies. Considering the current budgetary constraints, there are a number of no-cost or low-cost training and development options available to help educate and develop managers and team members to fill any gaps. More