ISPI Performance Digest
Aug. 2, 2011

Learning and development at Sprint
To reach the top spot in customer satisfaction among wireless carriers, Sprint took a systematic approach to improve all aspects of customer service. A performance system approach to learning, development and opportunities has been critical to the company's success.More

Eliminating information overload in the workplace
Chief Learning Officer
Information no longer is about facts and figures; it has become noise. Leaders are bombarded with so much data they're on information overload, and it's interfering with their ability to learn and grow themselves and their employees.More

Designing Effective Multi-Generational Learning Experiences
International Society for Performance Improvement
This Skillcast program directly addresses the importance, and considerable potential, of connecting the learning experience to the challenging needs of the multi-generational workforce. Focus on those critical instructional design considerations that must be addressed when designing and developing programs for the four generations who now work and learn together. This program is for professionals who are charged with the responsibility of engaging, training and educating a high-performing multi-generational workforce. More

Curbing your company's fear of change
Management Innovation eXchange via CNNMoney
It's easy for companies to strangle themselves by using processes that offer no room for changes. But managers can dig their companies out of this rut.More

Change management: Paving the cowpaths
Fast Company
Change management is one of the most difficult problems facing managers at all levels. Too often, managers primarily focus on defining the best end-state, and they deal with the change process almost as an afterthought.More

China looks west for performance management
The night before graduation recently, one student raised a glass for a toast. "To performance!" he said. Another tried to top him: "To benchmarks!" Two things were novel about this party: The toasts to cutting-edge strategies were from Chinese government officials in Nanjing, and they soaked up their enthusiasm after studying performance management in the United States.More

How small chains can utilize in-house training videos
Employees are a restaurant's greatest asset, and the key to having successful employees is excellent training. Smaller chains can produce training videos in-house, which protects the content and saves money. More

Building the capability to cure
Chief Learning Officer
At Parexel, Albert Siu focuses on continuous improvement, accelerated development and strategic partnerships to bring medical treatment to market faster. Which of his techniques and approaches might apply to your organization?More

Guiding through change: Create transformational road map
Smart Business
The business world is filled with reports of vibrant companies that persevered through change and fleeting memories of defunct organizations that couldn't adapt to shifting market conditions. In fact, D&B reports that more than 96,000 U.S. businesses failed during 2009 and more than 80,000 failed in 2010, proving a lack of change management is a risky proposition.More

A class apart: Can e-learning replace conventional training?
Business Review
The e-learning market has been boosted by frugal companies slashing their training budgets and seeking cheaper options than bringing a tutor to their premises. But can e-learning be a truly viable alternative to traditional on-site courses?More