ISPI Performance Digest
Aug. 9, 2011

BMW invests in new workforce programs, adds jobs
BMW has announced further investment in two new workforce programs and additional jobs. This announcement supports BMW's commitment to America through sustainable growth at its South Carolina plant. The company intends to hire 100 professional employees and introduce two programs, including a new manufacturing recruitment program, BMW Scholars, and a $5 million Associate Family Health Center.More

How a culture change improved performance
Smart Business Cleveland
When Stephen Newlin arrived at PolyOne Corp. more than five years ago, the biggest challenge he faced was the company's culture. Five years later, the original culture is a thing of the past, and he has an engaged culture that is poised to grow the $2.6 billion company. More

Understanding neuroscience helps maximize employee performance
Understanding the fundamentals of how humans learn can improve all the development practices of an organization. In return, this will increase the capacity of that organization to grow its potential and create value.More

Obama announces veteran workforce initiatives
U.S. Department of Defense
President Barack Obama has announced a series of administration initiatives to help military veterans find jobs. During remarks at the Navy Yard, the president proposed a set of tax credits for companies hiring veterans, announced a new task force to develop reforms that will help service members transition to civilian jobs or higher education, and challenged industry to hire more veterans.More

Repair and maintenance: Management turnaround story
Utility Products
On a single site in southern New Jersey stand two nuclear plants operated by Public Service Enterprise Group Nuclear: Salem, a dual PWR, and Hope Creek, a single BWR. For the previous five years, these plants consistently have ranked among the industry's best performers, with five consecutive annual capacity (load) factors exceeding 90 percent. This level of excellent performance was not always the case. How did they turn around?More

Boom time: Learning and talent systems buying on the rise
Approximately 41 percent of executives plan to add, change or replace their current learning management systems, and 50 percent plan to acquire a talent management system, according to a new study from Elearning magazine.More

Advanced Distributed Learning: Technology helps drive ADL change
Military Training Technology
In 1997, during the nascent stages of the Internet revolution, the Quadrennial Defense Review said the U.S. Department of Defense needed to start using on-demand training for individuals and units worldwide. Two years later, President Bill Clinton formed the official Advanced Distributed Learning program. During the past decade, ADL has matured, and the Shareable Content Objective Reference Model has been developed.More

What businesses can learn from innovations in education
Fast Company
Is it really the end of education as we know it, and the beginning of lifelong learning, as we have been hearing? Where does technology fit into this scenario and the future of education? More

Employers urged to address talent time bomb
People Management
Employers need to address the problem of the "five-year itch," as nearly a third of staff plan to leave their jobs within five years, according to the Inspiring Talent 2011 survey conducted in 14 countries.More