ISPI Performance Digest
Aug. 13, 2013

Finally! A real solution for the performance appraisal system
Talent Management
Editor's note: Aubrey Daniels is a keynote speaker THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014 at The Westin in Indianapolis, April 11-16, 2014. Aubrey Daniels, a thought leader and internationally recognized expert on management, leadership, safety and workplace issues, is considered an authority on human behavior in the workplace. As founder of Aubrey Daniels International, he and his staff help organizations employ the timeless principles of behavioral science to re-energize the workplace, optimize performance and achieve lasting results.

"When is nothing better than something? Could it be the Performance Appraisal?," Aubrey Daniels writes. "In working with hundreds of organizations over the past 40 years, I have never been in one where the performance appraisal system, or should I use the more politically correct performance management system, was not a problem. Never have I seen one that was used as intended, effective or liked by management and other employees." More

The perks of association credentialing
Associations Now
Association credentialing programs are good for business, says new research from the ASAE Foundation. These programs are serving a wide range of stakeholders with a wide range of benefits. An association credential can be a career booster for the professional who holds it, conveying prestige and signaling the holder's knowledge and expertise. But administering a credentialing program is no easy task for the association that runs it. More

Make your messages count
Michael J. Berens
There are plenty of ways to effectively engage your audience and keep their attention. Now that they're listening, make sure you have something worthwhile to say — worthwhile for them, that is.More

Key skills for virtual leaders
The Connected Manager
For many of us, leading a virtual team is something that is thrust upon us with little preparation. Whether it's a leading a project or an existing team, the onus is suddenly on us to get the work done. It's generally expected that we know what we're doing. Whether that's true or not is between us and our consciences.More

Building meaningful assessments
If you are implementing any form of learning program, be it for a company or in the educational sector, then you need to gather metrics on its effectiveness. Unfortunately, metrics are often overlooked, or just not implemented properly. When building out your assessment, there are four areas to consider, in addition to validity and reliability.More

The rock stars of e-learning: An interview with Reuben Tozman
eLearn Magazine
Reuben Tozman, author of "Learning On Demand: How the Evolution of the Web is Shaping the Future of Learning" and program chair for DevLearn 2013, shares his insights on the landscape — now and in the future — of learning. More

Decisive dozen: Researching the most important learning factors
Will Thalheimer
"If we would just focus on the most important learning factors first — instead of focusing on every new fad that comes our way — we'd be able to create much more effective learning interventions," writes Will Thalheimer, who has spent 16 years evaluating the scientific research on learning.More