ISPI Performance Digest
Aug. 23, 2011

How IBM is changing its HR game
Harvard Business Review
As IBM celebrates its 100th birthday, many observers are calling attention to the many strategic changes the company put itself through to remain relevant amid dramatic technological and economic change. But one of the biggest transformations IBM went through is less about computers and more about culture.More

When will learning and development be led by employers' needs, not government policy?
In today's rapidly evolving learning and development environment, employers need — and increasingly want — to take the lead and develop their own training and development.More

Bringing Performance Improvement Techniques to Your
Managers and Supervisors

International Society for Performance Improvement
Every day, managers and supervisors observe the performance level of their work groups and compare it to a desired level of performance, such as a work standard or goal. They lack a systematic and systemic approach to analyzing performance gaps and their underlying causes before selecting their solutions. Join ISPI to put yourself in a better position to bring models, tools and performance improvement techniques to your managers and supervisors.More

Australian government launches $558 million staff training fund
Employers are being encouraged to apply for government funding as part of Australia's new $558 million National Workforce Development Fund, enabling businesses to purchase training for workers in a bid to support training in skill-starved sectors.More

Everyone innovates every day: Collaborative idea management
Management Innovation eXchange
At Ericsson, a collaborative idea management tool is enabling all employees to innovate every day. After three years of use, the pull-based, self-organizing system has accumulated more than 15,000 ideas. More than 300 innovation managers globally have opened idea boxes to attract ideas for their specific innovation efforts.More

Hospital to consider plan for performance improvement
The Norman Transcript
The Norman, Okla., Regional Hospital Authority will look at revisions to the fiscal year 2012 Performance Improvement Plan at its regular monthly board meeting.More

Achieving sustainable excellence through leadership onboarding
Human Resources iQ
As the economy fluctuates, it is becoming obvious to everyone in the world of business that competitive advantage ultimately is about the people you employ. Attracting, developing and keeping top talent is a high priority for business leaders.More

How Nancy Schlichting unites 23,000 employees
Smart Business
Fundamentals. Vision. Strategy. Nancy Schlichting knows they're all business buzzwords. But before you dismiss them as a few others in a long list of business cliches, Schlichting thinks you should reconsider.More

FMM Specialty Institute: Training and education in niche areas
Training and providing education in niche areas to enhance working knowledge of employees in the manufacturing and services sector are the specialty of institutions like the FMM Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.More