ISPI Performance Digest
Aug. 27, 2013

ISPI announces 2013 CPT standards
This year the International Society for Performance Improvement completed a validation study of the 10 standards required for the Certified Performance Technologist designation. On Sept. 4, ISPI President Lisa Toenniges, CPT, will be joined by a panel of CPT experts on Capitol Hill, Rayburn House Building, #2103, to discuss the resulting updates to the standards. Click here for more information or to RSVP. More

Workforce analytics lead to better business performance, Harvard study finds
Business Wire via EON
Organizations that invest in workforce analytics to drive talent decisions and development see significantly better business results than those who do not, according to a recently released Harvard Business Review Analytic Services research report sponsored by SumTotal Systems LLC, the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions. The report, based on a survey of 498 business leaders, found that organizations that reported they are most effectively managing their workforce were also more likely to say their companies are outperforming their competition on several key metrics, including quality, customer satisfaction, profitability and market share.More

Why workforce planning teams must measure themselves
The Institute for Corporate Productivity's latest report, "Workforce Planning: Data Choices for High Performance," outlines solutions to various obstacles that workforce planning teams encounter when deciding which metrics to use and which technologies might capture them most effectively. However, even as workforce planning teams concern themselves with carrying out their objectives and providing meaningful insights into workforce issues, so, too, must they be cognizant that their own function must be tracked and its outcomes gauged for effectiveness.More

Finding the right visual metaphor for your prezi
Zoom into Prezi
Visual metaphors are powerful tools in the presenter's arsenal. They will get your audience's attention and make your message easier to understand. Every presentation has a message, whether it's about your new product, your company's story, a school project or any other subject you want to share and discuss. Whatever your message is, you can reinforce your content with accompanying illustrations, images or graphics. The right visual choices will help you and your presentation stand out of the crowd and become more memorable.More

Closing the chasm between strategy and execution
Harvard Business Review
Setting strategy is elegant. It's a clean and sophisticated process of collecting and analyzing data, generating insights and identifying smart paths forward. Done at arm's length in an academic fashion, tight logic is the only glue needed to hold ideas together. The output is a smooth narrative in a professional-looking document made up of Venn diagrams, 2x2 matrices and high-level plans of attack. Jettison this business. Focus efforts here. Build up this organizational capability. Executives buy into the plan. The strategists, confident in their intellectual prowess, quietly recede into the background. Then the trouble starts.More

Why productive teams have 3 kinds of diversity
Fast Company
Here's the bad news: People hire people who are identical to them. Here's the good news: Working with people who aren't identical to you is good for you work. How so? A growing body of research shows that diversity — in gender, thinking styles and intro- and extroversion — is needed for teams to be their most productive.More