ISPI Performance Digest
Aug. 28, 2012

Is BYOD turning us all into workaholics?
Flexible workers are putting in longer hours and paying more toward their gadgets, according to a survey that puts some of the blame on the bring-your-own-device — BYOD — trend. Three-quarters of mobile workers who responded to the survey by iPass said they work at least five hours a week more as a result of being mobile — and 15 percent thought they work an extra 20 hours a week. It also looks as if workers are paying for the pleasure of BYOD. Some 18 percent of mobile workers now pay their own smartphone bills, up 6 percent over last year.More

10 bold and outrageous talent management practices
In the corporate world, HR leaders are frequently considered some of the most conservative and risk-averse employees in an organization. Running HR in a conservative manner might have served your company well in the 1990s, but unfortunately, it may be inappropriate and even damaging today. This fast-changing and highly competitive business world has caused senior executives to expect innovation not only in their product lines but also in all of their business processes. As a result, it's time for HR leaders to realize that in a battle to attract and retain top talent and innovators, your firm has to act differently with superior talent management approaches if you want to develop and maintain a competitive advantage in the talent marketplace.More

Plugging the manufacturing skills gap
Many companies across the manufacturing sector are struggling to find the right employees for unfilled positions. While business activity in U.S. manufacturing remains strong, this shortage of workers with the appropriate technical skills and experience is hindering growth and may soon reach a critical level. How can manufacturers bridge the talent gap?More

How to refresh engagement surveys
Talent Management
As the third quarter moves along and the end of 2012 doesn't seem too far off, many HR departments are planning budgets, preparing for performance reviews and, of course, gearing up to administer the all-important employee engagement survey. While many organizations have firm engagement measurement practices in place, some could use a refresher on the design and nature of the engagement survey, according to Joan Dasher, employee engagement practice vice president at BlessingWhite Inc., an employee engagement consultancy. Here are four ways to thin out and refocus engagement surveys to produce more actionable results.More

CIO Summit experts: Innovate on processes
CIO Asia
One of the highlights of the CIO Summit held early August in Singapore was the panel discussion that delved into the theme "Building a Successful IS Organization." A five-member panel of experts shared their insights and answered questions. Excerpts presented here paint the picture of CIO innovation for the future.More

The EA metamodel behind the business model generation
Inside Architecture
At the Open Group EA Practitioners Conference in San Francisco this year, a discussion about business models took place with a tool vendor whose tools are Archimate compliant and allow for flexible metamodels. He had no metamodel for the Business Model Generation work. Why? Because no one had published a reasonable translation of the BMGEN ideas into Enterprise Architecture. Time to fix this.More