ISPI Performance Digest
Sep. 3, 2013

Recognize excellence: Submit nominations for ISPI 2014 awards
The ISPI Awards of Excellence program is designed to showcase the people, products, innovations and organizations that represent excellence in the field of Human Performance Technology. Nomination deadlines are coming up, so get your materials ready now. Winners will be recognized at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2014, scheduled April 13-16 in Indianapolis.More

Key to better business performance? Women
The World Bank
Recent research indicates that companies with increased number of women on boards enjoyed better business performance. In Indonesia, women make up more than half of the country's workforce, yet less than 10 percent are board directors of listed companies. IFC's Women on Boards initiative, under the Corporate Governance program, aims at promoting more women as board members. More

Developing your profession: It's all in a day
Innovative Learning Group
ISPI President Lisa Toenniges shares insight on what it takes — and why it's worthwhile — to volunteer while also building your career. "It's important to consider how volunteer work fits into your priorities and then identify how much of your time you'll carve out for these activities," she writes.More

Multitasking: An annual $450 billion productivity drain?
Material Handling & Logistics
Multitasking, a practice most app-minded consumers like to brag about, actually costs the global economy more than $450 billion in lost productivity, according to a report from Realization, providers of flow-based planning and execution systems. The report, "The Effects of Multitasking on Organizations," states that people who attempt to multitask suffer a wide array of negative effects, from wasting 40 percent of their productive time switching tasks to experiencing a heightened susceptibility to distraction. More

Corporate training professionals: How to build your brand in 15 minutes a day
You're a corporate training executive and you spend your whole day managing your Learning Management System corporate training — and on and on. You're busy tracking the progress of your employees and implementing corporate training, but you also have to make room for yourself. With such a busy day managing your LMS, how can you possibly manage your time to build up your own personal brand?More

OIG: FAA scheduling practices can impact human fatigue, controller performance and agency costs
Office of Inspector General
The nation's air traffic controllers play an important role in maintaining the safety of the National Airspace System. However, in 2011, a series of highly publicized incidents occurred during which air traffic controllers either fell asleep on duty or became unresponsive. These events raised questions about the impact of the Federal Aviation Administration's scheduling practices on controller performance. More