ISPI Performance Digest
Sep. 16, 2014

When assigned a project, a CPT will always RSVP
Performance Xpress
What value does a Certified Performance Technologist bring to a corporation or an organization? Vincent Araujo considered this question. "When I thought about this, what came to mind was the standard of work that we all produce when assigned a project," he writes. "You see, any time a CPT is assigned to a project, leadership knows they can expect a CPT to RSVP."More

Building change management into a process methodology
A new study by IBM offers valuable insight on how to successfully change business processes. The report describes some of the elements that make for successful change and points out that over 45 percent of respondents report that less than half of their efforts succeed. Clearly some people are a lot better at managing change than others.More

8 onboarding best practices that promote staying power
TalentCulture World of Work
A smooth onboarding process can be the difference between retaining top level talent and pushing them away after just a few months at your company. Onboarding also helps your customers; a study by Dr. Vance shows multiple instances of customer satisfaction increasing as organizations made strides to improve their employee engagement. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular face some unique onboarding challenges.More

Storyboards for e-learning: What to include?
As the blueprint for a course (all the details about content, multimedia and assessments), storyboards are an extremely important piece of the e-learning design process. So, how do you know what to put into one?More

Big data analytics vs. the gut check
Data is more varied and fast-moving than ever, and analyzing it effectively now requires highly sophisticated software and machinery. But where does big data analytics leave the good old-fashioned hunch? What if the data tells a business manager to "jump" but her intuition says "stay"?More

The importance of leadership and employee engagement in driving operational excellence
Looking at the manufacturing industries as a whole, there is certainly notable progress being made with respect to operational efficiency and profitability. Even so, the required pace of responding to marketplace demands is accelerating, and will only continue to do so in the future. This means manufacturing organizations must optimize their people, processes and technologies in a continuous journey toward operational excellence.More

The best leaders are insatiable learners
Harvard Business Review
Nearly a quarter century ago, at a gathering in Phoenix, Arizona, John W. Gardner delivered a speech that may be one of the most quietly influential speeches in the history of American business — a text that has been photocopied, passed along, underlined and linked to by senior executives in some of the most important companies and organizations in the world.More