ISPI Performance Digest
Sept. 20, 2011

Google L&D chief: Knowledge-sharing tools key
People Management
Google is using its success as a world-leading content provider to improve its internal learning and development provisions constantly, the company's global head of learning technologies has said.More

The hottest trends in HR technology
Human Resource Executive Online
Innovation is alive and well in Silicon Valley, where vendors continue to develop new applications that can benefit not only HR's own productivity, but also the performance of an entire business.More

Bringing Performance Improvement Techniques to Your Managers and Supervisors
International Society for Performance Improvement
Every day, managers and supervisors observe the performance level of their work groups and compare it to a desired level of performance, such as a work standard or goal. They lack a systematic and systemic approach to analyzing performance gaps and their underlying causes before selecting their solutions. Join ISPI to put yourself in a better position to bring models, tools and performance improvement techniques to your managers and supervisors.More

Talent management lessons from Apple: A case study of the world's most valuable firm
In August Apple became the most valuable corporation in the world based on market capitalization, surpassing every firm in the technology industry and every other industry. As a consumer products company, its prolonged growth spurt is even more amazing because it has continued through economic times when consumers are reluctant to spend what little they have. Considering Apple was near bankruptcy in 1997, its story is both extraordinary and noteworthy.More

Retiring boomers create pricey skills gap for manufacturers
Crain's Cleveland Business
Big U.S. industrial companies face a big bill to fill the skills gaps left by the looming retirement of factory workers born during the baby boom.More

Managing local workforces an issue in China
The Sydney Morning Herald
The rapid rise in foreign direct investment from China and the dominant role played by state-owned enterprises in this FDI has raised concerns about national security. In Australia, the fear of foreign control over infrastructure, strategic industries and natural resources is at the forefront of this ongoing debate. Critics note that multinational enterprises from emerging markets such as China could apply their lower domestic standards in Australia to the detriment of workers, local companies and the environment. Whether or not these concerns are justifiable, one of the most salient messages that comes from them is related to management of people.More

Tackling 2 monumental challenges: Engagement and meetings
Fox Business
In a new survey of nearly 800 human resources executives, 74 percent said their job stress level has skyrocketed in the past 18 months because of concerns including retaining top talent, developing leaders and controlling health care costs. But above all else, keeping employees engaged and productive was rated the biggest workplace challenge by those surveyed.More

Blended workforce: The new norm
Talent Management
A workforce that consists of employees, consultants, independent contractors and contingent workers quickly is becoming the norm among enterprises globally. How can you take advantage of this new reality?More

High performance, special ops-style
Chief Learning Officer
Teaching leaders to debrief can lead to higher performance, improved communication and better collaboration — and give your organization a fighting chance.More