ISPI Performance Digest
Sep. 23, 2014

20 free and low-cost tools for everyday productivity
Technology can be a tremendously useful thing when it comes to getting more productivity, but you must continually monitor what's working and what's not.More

Knowledge workers: Thinking about performance engineering
Performance Xpress
There is no better instance of knowledge work than that done by the performance improvement professionals who are members of ISPI; namely, performance engineering.More

Turn that soul-crushing conference into a win
The Wall Street Journal
You've spent days wandering the cavernous halls of a convention center, trapped in windowless rooms, drinking too much coffee and talking yourself hoarse. Does anyone ever emerge from a conference as the organizers intended, feeling recharged with new ideas, contacts and energy? New York City marketing executive Stefany Stanley does.More

A process for human-algorithm decision making
Harvard Business Review
Think for a moment about how an organization makes a decision. Advanced analytics can automate parts of this sequence; it offers the prospect of faster, better-informed decisions and substantially lower costs. But unless you're prepared to transform how people work together throughout the decision-making process, you're likely to be disappointed. More

How to quality-check your own e-learning
The eLearning Coach
Before you send your e-learning on for a quality review, how well do you test it yourself? A self-check may seem like an obvious task, but some people pass on their e-learning courses for a quality check when the work is less than stellar. Within a few minutes, the reviewer or tester can tell.More

Ricoh survey: The technology that empowers us may also sap our productivity
PR Newswire
Since workers aren't robots, 100 percent productivity (whatever that means) is impossible. Well, plenty of distractions, according to a new Ricoh Americas Corporation online survey of more than 1,000 employed adults in the U.S. More

The need for speed and why it is critical for business success
No matter where you work in the world, almost everyone can sense the fact that every aspect of global business now seems to move significantly faster than it did even 10 years ago. You could even label the 21st century as "the century when speed dominated." This increased speed means that new products and product features come to market at an amazing rate, copying is almost immediate, everything you rely on seems to become quickly obsolete, and long-established businesses routinely lose out to faster-moving startups.More