ISPI Performance Digest
Sep. 24, 2013

Fast, easy crowdsourcing to accelerate learning programs
Technology is transforming learning once again — and many training professionals are pleased to discover that the latest innovations are easier to implement and yield more lasting change. In fact, a closer look at one trending technology — crowdsourcing — points to a paradigm shift that's enabling training to deliver faster, more powerful results.More

How to justify conference attendance
Writing Assistance Inc.
Professional conferences can be expensive and not all budget managers understand their importance or the benefits derived by conference attendees. In this article, Mike Doyle discusses how to go about justifying the expense of attending a conference and provides some handy worksheets you can use to do so.More

The post-lecture classroom: How will students fare?
The Atlantic
A new study finds moderate student gains in courses where lectures take place at home and "homework" happens in the classroom.More

Do as I say, not as I do: An ode to strategy execution failure
Decades of i4cp research has shown that the alignment of executive behavior to strategy is the factor with greatest impact on an organization's ability to drive consistently high market performance. Our research also shows that the gap between the importance of strategy execution and the effectiveness of organizations to actually execute their strategy has continued to widen over the past four years.More

White paper: Connecting workforce analytics to better business results
Human Resources iQ
Workforce analytics has become an essential business tool for leading companies that view workforce performance as the key to improving company results, according to a new global survey of business leaders by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services. The payoff for companies that get this right is enormous, the results suggest. More

How to create an explainer video
Identity Visuals
Motion graphics (or "explainer videos," as we sometimes call them) are short videos that combine illustrated elements, animation and audio to communicate a story or message. They are extremely effective at engaging an audience and quickly explaining your business, service or product.