ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 4, 2011

The end of human resources as we know it
Human Resource Executive Online
The challenges are great, and a new kind of HR executive is emerging to meet them. In the process, these strategic leaders are turning our traditional concept of human resources on its head. Here are five major forces that are driving the changes that will end HR as we know it by the year 2020.More

Motorola's Six Sigma Journey: In pursuit of perfection
Supply Chain Digital
Six Sigma has come a long way since its development in 1986. Motorola's Thomas Goodwin talks about how the strategy has evolved.More

Too few companies practice fact-based talent management
Canadian HR Reporter
Talent management and leadership development remain the largest HR challenges in Europe and Germany, according to a survey of more than 2,000 executives in 35 European countries. Both topics are rated as highly critical for success by executives — who also reported these issues are managed insufficiently at their current companies.More

Talent management lessons from Apple: A case study of the world's most valuable firm
In the third of a four-part case study on one of the world's most valuable firms, ERE examines internal branding, employer branding and recruitment.More

E-learning proves boon to Carolina credit union
Credit Union Times
For South Carolina Federal Credit Union, investing in employee development not only has helped the training department run more efficiently but also has proven to be award-winning.More

L&D professionals call for UK government to invest in training unemployed civil servants
HR Magazine
Professionals in the U.K.'s learning and development sector believe many former public-sector workers are not ready for the commercial world and have called for the government to offer training to help them adapt, according to a survey by the World of Learning Conference & Exhibition.More

How conducting a job analysis improves your business' efficiency, growth and innovation
Smart Business
Do you know what, exactly, your employees do? Believe it or not, many executives haven't taken the necessary steps to truly understand each position in their organization. In today's chaotic employment landscape, a job analysis should be the first step in every major human resources effort. More

Businesses abuzz about workplace rules on social media
The Washington Post
The federal agency that brings labor-related complaints on behalf of workers is wading into uncharted legal territory, ruling for the first time in a case about whether a company legally can fire employees for posting critical Facebook comments about a co-worker's job performance.More

Downtime analysis
Downtime analysis is an essential part of plant operations management, as it provides a powerful tool that enables a better understanding of the underlying issues that affect plant availability and rate loss.More