ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 7, 2014

Decoding performance complexity 101
Performance Xpress
Barring the simplicity of the term "performance," advocates of performance improvement would agree that it is anything but. Scholars and practitioners alike have attempted to outline the various factors that influence performance. The listing of several variables and equations within our literature that illustrate what must be looked into to resolve performance issues only showcases the complexity that surrounds it.More

5 clever ways companies are helping employees fight burnout
The Washington Post
For the overworked modern American employee, the policies and perks offered by some of the most generous companies sound like manna from the corporate gods. Yet they can also end up acting as subtle ways to get employees to work more.More

How Thomson Reuters is creating a culture of innovation
Harvard Business Review
It's not easy for big companies to innovate. Once firms reach a certain size, most of their resources (and investment dollars) are rightly devoted to executing and defending their existing business model. Moreover, the skills that are cherished and rewarded for achieving current results differ from those that aid in discovery and experimentation, both of which are needed to drive innovation. As a result, fostering a true culture of innovation in big companies is often an aspiration rather than a reality.More

10 research tips for finding answers that elude you
TED Blog
Before Danielle Thomson became a TED Prize researcher, she wrote trivia for "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and spent years finding difficult-to-source info for "The Late Show with David Letterman." And she has quickly established herself as a TED staff secret weapon. Learn some of the best research tips she's willing to share.More

Want to make change happen? You need change architects
As a whole, we know this is a period of significant change for the workforce. We talk about these changes, and how they can and are affecting organizations, but there is significantly less talk around how organizations are successfully managing such change.More

The most engaging ideas leave something out
Harvard Business Review
Any artist will tell you that white space — what's not there — is just as important as what is there. Yet in business, we rush to fill any empty space with noise: a new offer, more features, another conference call. What could happen if we respect the white space?More

Should employers ban email after work hours?
Gallup Management Journal
Gallup research reveals that nearly all full-time U.S. workers (96 percent) have access to a computer, smartphone or tablet, and 86 percent use a smartphone or tablet or both. A full two-thirds of Americans report that the amount of work they do outside normal working hours has increased a little to a lot because of mobile technology advances over the last decade. But is this a net gain or net drain on our well-being? And how should leaders manage this after-hours work?More