ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 8, 2013

The People-Profit Chain: A model to triple market performance
While there is no shortage of models connecting people practices to business results, what's been lacking is evidence — empirical data linking specific human capital activities and initiatives to performance outcomes — bringing to light what really works. Until now.More

In West Philly, human capital is the next growth industry
Keystone Edge
When there are jobs that need filling and people who need work, it should be a simple equation. But that isn't always the case. Often there is a disconnect, a sort of formal miscommunication that prevents employees and employers from coming together (and staying together). Enter the master translator: the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative.More

The Human Capital Report 2013
World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Mercer
Through the Human Capital Report, the World Economic Forum seeks to provide a holistic, long-term overview on how well countries are leveraging their human capital and establishing workforces that are prepared for the demands of competitive economies. Which countries are role models in investing in the health, education and talent of their people this year? Where will companies find an environment where these investments translate into productivity for the economy? Europe and Asia dominate in 2013.More

Chart: The relationship between hours worked and productivity
The Economist via Business Insider
It seems that more productive — and, consequently, better-paid — workers put in less time in at the office. A graph from the OECD illustrates the point, showing the relationship between productivity (GDP per hour worked) and annual working hours.More

Sneak peek: Early survey results for predictive analytics in the cloud
Predictive analytics is clearly becoming more central in organizations, if the early survey results from "Predictive Analytics in the Cloud" are any indication. According to the ongoing survey, two-thirds of of respondents are seeing real impact from completed projects — up by 50 percent over 2011.More

3 tips for overcoming your blind spots
Harvard Business Review
How can managers work to actively fight weaknesses of which, by definition, they are insufficiently aware? There are a few tactics that can deliberately counter the effects of three infamous cognitive biases.More