ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 14, 2014

Debunking myths about worker passion
Passion is different from, and more important than, engagement. But according to a new report by Deloitte's Center for the Edge, around 88 percent of the workforce lacks passion, and the enhanced productivity that goes along with it.More

Experiment with organizational change before going all in
Harvard Business Review
Think about the last time you considered introducing a significant change in your enterprise with the intention of improving organizational effectiveness. You likely studied the proposed change in detail, discussed it at length with relevant colleagues, came up with a strategy for implementing it, and then introduced it. A crucial step is missing from this process, however: a rigorous way to determine whether the change is accomplishing its intended objectives.More

Why e-learning? A simple analysis
Training Zone
The e-learning industry is witnessing tremendous growth in terms of revenue and application. To provide most suitable learning solutions, industry experts are exploring and inventing creative methods and approaches, such as Custom Learning Solutions, Rapid Learning Solutions, Gamifications, Instructor Led Training programs and a blend of these methods and approaches.More

Nuts and bolts: Instructional design for the real world
Learning Solutions
"Beware of advice that's too good to be true and promises of steps that seem too convenient." That's the bottom line for Jane Bozarth, who learned quickly that it can be far easier to say something than to do it. Her real-world tips on instructional design are meant to be applicable in, well, the real world.More

Help reluctant employees put analytic tools to work
Harvard Business Review
Bringing advanced analytic tools into your organization can help you clone your best decision makers so that you get better, faster decisions in every situation that requires human judgment.More

Disorienting dilemmas, eye-opening openings and inspirational closings
Great writers painstakingly craft the first line of their novels. Great speakers often agonize over their opening lines. All in the name of grabbing attention. So, why are so many training courses kicked off with a bland formula?More

Presentation tips: 4 ideas for successful, last-minute speeches
The Brainzooming Group
Several people in very different settings have asked for presentation tips on making last-minute speeches or moderating panel discussions at events. Presentation tips in both situations are actually comparable.More