ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 25, 2011

The best approach to training
Harvard Business Review
Many people have developed any number of techniques and products aimed at improving training and instruction. But focusing on the technique is putting the cart before the horse.More

Human capital and cultural intelligence
HRM Asia
Managing human capital is becoming a hot issue as organizations worldwide seek to maximize their ROI in people. But what is human capital, and what are the benefits of adoption a human capital approach?More

Why your leadership competencies fail to deliver
A new report from i4cp — Developing High-Performing Leaders: Emphasizing the Competencies That Pay Off — explores the idea that the most commonly emphasized leadership competencies might not be the most effective choices for arming leaders with the expertise needed to drive organizational performance.More

Foster teamwork through innovative office design
Call it the Google approach to office design: The workspace should be a fun, collaborative extension of the brand, where people feel free to use the whole space. That design philosophy is proliferating — and for good reason.More

Lean manufacturing: Oversized claims?
Canadian Business
In September, New York–based management consultancy AlixPartners LLP released a survey of executives at more than 100 manufacturers that had started Lean manufacturing initiatives during the previous two years. The results were disappointing, to say the least. Nearly 70 percent said they failed to cut costs by 5 percent, the researchers' minimum benchmark for productivity improvements to be deemed successful.More

Learning to control the sky
To stay ahead of generational, technological, social and economic changes, the Federal Aviation Administration is being proactive in enhancing the way it trains future air traffic controllers.More

Tech tools of 2012
Chief Learning Officer
Most companies will continue to invest in learning and performance management systems, but they are eager to try new assessment and evaluation tools.More