ISPI Performance Digest
Oct. 28, 2014

Employee engagement: Enticing but elusive
Performance Xpress
Employee engagement is a hot topic — and a big-ticket item. A recent report from Deloitte suggests organizations have spent $720 million in pursuit of this enticing but elusive goal and will more than double their spending to $1.5 billion. The same report also suggests most, if not all, of that money has been wasted. It seems employee engagement eludes us still.More

Ignore emotional intelligence at your own risk
Harvard Business Review
Two academic heavyweights face off on a topic that every student of leadership and HR cares — or at least hears — a lot about: emotional intelligence.More

Get over 'impostor syndrome' with a little method acting
Business Management Daily
Many new supervisors suffer from "impostor syndrome:" Although given a management title, they're not yet comfortable in the role, so management tasks seem unfamiliar and awkward.More

7 tips to repurpose elearning content for mobile learning
e-Learning Industry
The world of e-learning is constantly evolving and changing. As e-learning professionals, it's important to stay up-to-date with current trends. Repurposing content for mobile learning is at the top of that list.More

Optimize the onboarding process with HR technology
TalentCulture World of Work
Trending perceptions of how tech will impact HR have a spooky and a bountiful side, a bit like fall's two major holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving.) More

Competition, performance and the proper degree of pressure
Federal Computer Week
A new website that gathers resources for engaging students actively in learning offers new techniques for active-based learning — and sheds light on the benefits of competition.More