ISPI Performance Digest
Nov. 1, 2011

Social media vs. knowledge management
Harvard Business Review
On the surface, social media and knowledge management seem very similar. Both involve people using technology to access information. Both require individuals to create information intended for sharing. Both profess to support collaboration. But there's a big difference between the two.More

How a few bad apples ruin everything
The Wall Street Journal
Superstars get a lot of attention from bosses. But bad apples deserve even more. A growing body of research suggests having even a few nasty, lazy or incompetent characters on staff can ruin the performance of a team or an entire organization — no matter how stellar the other employees.More

At best places to work, trust, pride, camaraderie overshadow pay
USA Today
The Great Place to Work Institute examines elements that make for a standout workplace and has released its first-ever list of multinational companies most successful at keeping their employees happy.More

Why 44 percent of leaders are unhappy with staff performance
Management Innovation eXchange
A recent survey shows 44 percent of business leaders are disappointed by their employees' performance, citing a range of hurdles that stand in the way of motivating top-quality achievement.More

Effective onboarding needed for staff retention
HRM Asia
Employers are failing to build an effective onboarding program into standard business processes, which means they are losing the perfect opportunity to instill their values and corporate culture and are at risk of stifling employees' excitement and enthusiasm, according to Kelly Services Australia.More

Instructional design: Results-based vs. results-capable
A results-capable workforce is a team of people who can move with the tide, accept and internalize new strategies, and execute change with confidence.More

The buzz around Lean Six Sigma at hospitals
You may have heard that Lean Six Sigma is catching on with hospitals and other health care providers. Essentially, this business management strategy helps eliminate defects throughout an organization, which in health care can mean preventing medical errors, decreasing mortality rates, reducing lengths of stay, improving patient care and improving quality.More

Charles Lawton: Hardy pioneers working to yoke education, work
The Portland Press Herald
We have built multibillion-dollar institutions to prepare our children to be capable, productive members of society and responsible citizens. And we've built another set of multibillion-dollar enterprises to produce and distribute the goods and services we want. But we spend precious little time or money on — and have few organizations devoted to — the process of linking the two. More