ISPI Performance Digest
Nov. 19, 2013

Best-selling author to deliver conference keynote
Best-selling author and award-winning teacher David Maxfield, vice president of Research, Vital Smarts, will keynote THE Performance Improvement Conference on Wednesday, April 16. For more than 20 years, Maxfield has led high-leverage research initiatives that uncover causes of and solutions to managerial, cultural and operational inefficiencies that directly affect the bottom line. He joins Aubrey Daniels, PhD, founder and chairman of Aubrey Daniels International, who delivers the keynote speech on Monday, April 14.

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Achieving a dynamic balance
Business Management Daily
Marilyn Tam, who grew up abused and neglected, has overcome steep odds to succeed. She became chief executive of Aveda Corp. after serving as president of Reebok Apparel and Retail Group and a vice president at Nike. She specializes in helping people achieve what she calls "dynamic balance" to attain happiness and find meaning in life and work.More

Only people can let knowledge flow
Harold Jarche
The knowledge sharing paradox is that while sharing our knowledge is good for the organization, each individual has to see a personal benefit as well. Helen Blunden neatly sums up what can happen to those who freely share their knowledge.More

Dave Eggers wrote the best business book of the year
Harvard Business Review
Though it's a work of fiction and not a guidebook full of practical checklists, Dave Eggers' "The Circle" may be the most provocative business book you'll read this year. More

How to control feature creep but allow changes to the project
PM Hut
One of the main causes for slippage is feature creep: work that wasn't planned originally but got assigned along the way without due diligence. Either the new work will be done at the expense of previously agreed work, or the team will work overtime or the project will be late. Sometime all three. However, you don't necessarily want to lock the work at the start of the project: there should be room to add/update features along the way. The solution to doing this safely is to have a strict, simple process for assigning work.More

Analytics 3.0: Measurable business impact from analytics and big data
Harvard Business Review
Analytics has rapidly become a competitive differentiator and is now entering a new stage of maturity: Analytics 3.0. This marks the stage of maturity where leading organizations realize measurable business impact from the combination of traditional analytics and big data.More

Building a high-potential mobile team by engaging the virtual worker
Many will argue that the benefits of virtual work abound, and that it is indeed the trend of the future. There is no question that there are many cost savings and environmental benefits to working virtual including reduced overheads, cheaper fuel and lower green gas emissions along with greater employee autonomy. Realistically however, employers need to fully explore the issues that arise from virtual work and strike a balance that engages and connects the mobile workforce for maximum returns.More