ISPI Performance Digest
Nov. 20, 2012

Behavior: It's as easy as A-B-C
Innovative Learning Group
Editor's note: ISPI President-elect Lisa Toenniges, CPT, is the Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Learning Group.

Over time all of us in the learning industry are introduced to countless models, processes, theories and practices related to Human Performance Improvement. Some stand the test of time, and some are discarded almost as quickly as they're learned. When we're introduced to new concepts, we all have a tendency to compare them to things we already know or believe to be true because of our education or our experience. One model, the A-B-C Contingency Model used in behavioral science, makes it as easy as A-B-C — literally.More

Transitioning from educator to instructional designer
Teacher Rogers
"Instructional design" is a bit of a misnomer because it means more than designing instruction. In fact, oftentimes it means using nontraining solutions if, after conducting a front-end analysis, there were alternative methods better suited to solve the issue or address the opportunity.More

Are you driving too much change, too fast?
Harvard Business Review
The business world's prevailing "too fast/too slow" leadership conundrum reeks of "Goldilocks" management — transformations and turnarounds should be neither too fast nor too slow; they must be "just right." That's a mug's game. The issue is less about how fast CEOs are willing to move than how quickly their most reliable customers are prepared to change.More

Re-engage silver talents
HRM Asia
Companies who rehire senior workers should not shortchange them by re-designing roles and reducing salaries. Flexible employment policies and practices can help create a win-win situation for both parties. Senior employees are typically highly skilled and experienced, and hiring this category of individuals can save companies significant resources in both the medium and long term. More

14 ways to increase productivity dramatically
Business Insider
Many of us struggle to check everything off our to-do lists. Harvard lecturer Robert Pozen, in his latest book, "Extreme Productivity," outlines the keys to getting things done. "The key to productivity is to achieve results, get more results and [get] better-quality results," he says. Business Insider is sharing 14 of Pozen's best tips from his book so you can learn how to do exactly that.More

Coaching vs. performance improvement
RU Training
Del Negrillo, MATD candidate, writes, "I have received feedback from different sources who believe coaching and performance improvement are similar and interchangeable — and (from others who say) they are different." But what if it's not an either/or but rather a symbiotic relationship?More