ISPI Performance Digest
Dec. 2, 2014

Thinking skills: Using questions and structure successfully
How do you help people with varied creative thinking skills perform most productively in a group setting? If you lead group meetings or teams, you should be asking this question. In fact, that's not the only question you should ask: The best way to help people with a wide array of creative thinking skills perform most productively is to provide questions for them to answer.More

DIY brain training won't make your brain feel young again
Fast Company's Co.Exist
Everybody wants a better brain. Something faster, more focused, and more juiced with good ideas would be nice for everyone, probably. A new review of the science reveals some surprises about what kinds of brain training do and don't work. More

Building exceptional business-to-business relationships
Gallup Management Journal
During an interview for a Gallup business-to-business study, the CEO of a large consumer goods company told an interesting story. Years ago, when he was in the company's sales department, he was part of a team that met with the founder and leader of a major retailer. The retail leader commented that their respective companies had a great relationship, but it was shaped too much like a bow tie.More

4 e-learning trends you should know
The elearning landscape is constantly evolving. Sometimes it is driven by the devices we use, other times we just figure out better ways to create and present courses. As the end of 2014 quickly approaches, there are some current trends in elearning that you should be aware of. More

11 ways to stop writing bad emails
Most people have developed their own email habits over the past decade or so. With little guidance, it's no wonder etiquette is all over the place. Many people don't even realize they are handling email in an offensive manner. Follow these tips to keep people happy on the other end.More

Bonus: A free e-learning template made with free icons
The Rapid E-Learning Blog
Do you like free icons and free templates? Then keep reading. Here are three good resources for free icons, plus tips for creating an e-learning template with them.More