ISPI Performance Digest
Dec. 17, 2013

Infographic: What is performance improvement?
Ever been in a situation where you want to explain performance improvement but were unsure of the best method? Have you been talking performance improvement to folks who have a glazed-over look in their eyes? Well, fret no more. Longtime member and artist extraordinaire Lynn Kearny created a graphic representation of performance improvement, complete with talking points.More

Early bird rate ends Dec. 18 for THE Performance Improvement Conference
Have you registered yet to attend THE Performance Improvement Conference taking place April 13-16 in Indianapolis? This mind-blowing, game-changing event is a must for all performance improvement and learning professionals. The best rate, for ISPI member early birds, ends Dec. 18! Register online or click here for a downloadable form.More

For cross-functional change, a good disruption helps
Harvard Business Review
How do you improve the whole organization, not just parts of it? The uber challenge for process improvement in organizations has always been to successfully make improvements across functions. But have any sizable organizations assigned people to manage their major end-to-end processes — and actually been successful?More

5 public speaking tips from Obama's debate trainers
Fast Company
Remember Barack Obama's dismal showing in the first debate of last year's presidential campaign? He seemed weary and detached, and his comments came off as passive, rambling and didactic. But less than two weeks later, he gave an energetic, focused and engaged performance. How was he able to make such a dramatic shift in delivery? In their new book, "Double Down," Mark Halperin and John Heilemann provide a behind-the-scenes account of Obama's training for that all-important second debate. If you want to improve your own presentation skills, heed these five lessons.More

Why you should treat laughter as a metric
Harvard Business Review
A failed experiment in productivity and a serendipitous conversation about laughter leads one performance expert to a jarring conclusion: Laughter is dying. And that's not good for business. "Not laughing is a symptom — a lagging indicator — of an ill that's creating havoc in our lives and our organizations. We aren't laughing anymore because we aren't fully present anymore. Mentally, we're all over the place."More

Looks do matter: 3 ways to create aesthetically pleasing courses
Shift Disruptive Elearning
As the cliche goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People decide what is beautiful in accordance with their own likes and dislikes. However, studies on what we find aesthetically pleasing find that in truth, there is a serious science to making things beautiful. More

Tips for e-learning translation
E-Learning Uncovered
In the past year or so, Artisan E-Learning has translated many courses into other languages. What are the most useful steps to take when attempting to translate an e-learning course? Consider not only the mechanics of language, but also the context of culture.More