ISPI Performance Digest
Dec. 20, 2011

Global leadership training: What's missing?
A leadership development program that more fully taps into the experiences of all participants has the potential to foster behavioral changes on the spot.More

Personal best: Coaching a surgeon (or any other professional)
The New Yorker
No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own. That's where coaching comes in. Surgeon Atul Gawande talks to everyone from Itzhak Perlman to Jim Knight in a quest to show the ways coaching can help any professional.More

Weave change into your HR processes
Harvard Business Review
Profound changes in an organization must be led from the top, but human resource professionals can play a big part in making them happen.More

8 tips for on-boarding veterans
Veterans bring tremendous functional skills and a rock-solid work ethic to the civilian workforce. However, to make the most of this valuable talent, organizations may need to rethink how they on-board new hires.More

Comanagement arrangements: The importance of tracking performance
Becker's Hospital Review
Hospital/physician alignment strategies are increasing in popularity as government and private sector payers begin the transition to performance-based payment systems.More

Report: Solar growth potential high — if labor skills catch up
Chattanooga Times Free Press
Tennessee's solar industry is heating up, but the lack of labor skills for some jobs could cool the sector, says a new report. "Employees need new skills to work in the solar industry," said John Sanseverino, the Tennessee Solar Institute's programs director.More

The importance of self-advocacy
The Huffington Post
Self-advocacy and a thirst for feedback are essential qualities for career management and for life — from the classroom to the boardroom.More

Tips for building a remote staff
Human Resources Journal
Employing a remote workforce can be a major advantage for companies because it cuts office space expenses and improves morale. But it takes quite a bit of planning and forethought to build a remote staff.More

Workforce engagement: Lessons from the third sector
Personnel Today
Any organization that increases output 20-fold with only a threefold increase in staff must come from the private sector, right? Especially if it also has reduced staff turnover by half, reduced staff sick leave by one-third and quadrupled income during the past four years. Would it surprise you to learn this success story comes from a charity?More

Join ISPI's 50th anniversary celebration
International Society for Performance Improvement
THE Performance Improvement Conference 2012 will bring together your professional peers in a celebration of ISPI's 50 years of progress and achievement. Three powerful keynote presentations headline the conference, which takes place April 20-23 in Toronto (with preconference events beginning April 18). Register today to ensure you're a vital part of ISPI's next 50 years.More