ISPI Performance Digest
Dec. 23, 2013

Bonus tips and tricks to produce better e-learning
The Rapid E-Learning Blog
Who doesn't like a few "bonus" tips now and then? Consider this collection of tips — from where to find free e-learning templates to how to look like an e-learning rock star — your special holiday bonus.More

Does it matter how you learn?
WizIQ Blog
How you feel about learning is more important than how you learn. If you teach, perform and idolize your own teaching approaches above and beyond what goes on inside the minds of your students, you may lose the ability to "see" beyond the rows of masks staring blankly back at you.More

LMS support: Train your staff the right way!
eLearning Industry
Implementing a new LMS in your organization should centrally support the staff into new environment. Doing this the right way may include facilitating workshops and demonstrations, drop-in sessions and on-request training. Further, it will require online information with a help desk. Overcoming these drawbacks can help you save costs on training as well as optimizing the full learning management systems.More

Big data, business processes and application performance management: A technologist's perspective
Service Assurance Daily
IT organizations need to continually show the value they provide to the company's business unit managers. Business unit managers, however, typically see that the value provided by IT coming primarily from the applications they use to run their respective groups. Hence, effective application performance management is an important way for IT to add value. However, application performance management is a double-edged sword: Do it well and you add business value. Do it badly, and your company runs a great risk of losing revenue.More

The 7 laws of best practices, growth and value creation
SimMethod's industry-agnostic algorithm holistically finds the best-in-class teams across a range of industries (strategy/execution) and then prepares a profile of the best-in-class at the functional level including sales, HR, resource utilization and overhead management. More

Change agent competencies
What makes a great change agent? Bill Wilder discussed this topic with a group of change management professionals recently. Their list of required traits may surprise you.More

Advancing integrative social pedagogy using ePortfolio
This article highlights the work of three faculty members across two different professional development seminars at LaGuardia Community College. It illustrates how their work was guided and is linked together by a common thread — the use of ePortfolio to foster integrative social pedagogy.More