2012 IMTS/MDNA/Chicago Chapter Meeting and Dinner was Huge Success

(pictured left to right) MDNA President Paul Lashin, CEA, Richard Goldstein, AEA and John Hyman

With 240 attending the Chicago Chapter meeting and dinner, it was the single largest chapter event in many years. The credit for this great networking event is shared with the Chicago chapter members, the great sponsors and the Chicago chapter officers lead by Chairman Bob Yeoman. Thanks to a record amount of sponsorships the evening included a hosted bar and a great steak dinner. The three highlights of this evening were the great networking that this event allows, the Chapter Challenge Naming Rights Auction, and the very special award.

After some intense and exciting bidding, Bob Abbott prevailed and was high bidder yet again winning the right to name this year's auction. So once again the Abbott and DiPaolo Chapter Leadership Auction has begun.

Longtime board member John Hyman, of MDNA Member North American Machinery, presented the Earl Elman Distinguished Service Award to his very good friend Richard Goldstein of Machinery Trading Co. Richard "Dick" came up through the Chicago Chapter leadership ranks in the late eighties through the mid-nineties and first served on the Board in 1994. Dick has served on every MDNA National Committee to include membership, public relations, next generation, ethics and mediation, and serial number reference committees. Dick's board service is valued for his attention to detail and unwavering commitment for the association. Recently, Dick personally took on the challenge of updating the membership guide page by page and word for word. Yes, the committee reviewed, and yes, the board approved it but Mr. Goldstein authored it! The awards committee specifically picked this evening to present this award so that it could be presented in Chicago Dick's home chapter. Dick's wife Barbra and daughter Kate were on hand to make the night even more special. The Earl Elman Distinguished Service Award was named in honor of former MDNA/MIS President Earl Elman on May 27, 1989. The Earl Elman Distinguished Service Award is to be presented sparingly to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the used machinery industry.