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Jun. 4, 2014

Maine Energy IQ campaign is underway
June 2 began MEMA's Maine Energy IQ campaign. Over the coming months and into this fall and winter we will be reaching out to the public and educating them on the facts they need to know before making a decision to switch to natural gas. They will hear:

The Truth About Price — Why it may not be the cheapest long -term fuel
The Truth About Conversions — How conversions may not be what the customer was lead to believe
The Truth about Environmental Claims — May not be as "Green" as everyone claims
The Truth About Energy Options — Why having local dealers is better than a utility

This is a fight for our collective lives and any amount will help. Contact Will Beck at 729-5298 or to set up your individualized training for your office.

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Augusta's Mayfair neighborhood not yet warming to natural gas
Kennebec Journal
Mayfair neighborhood residents have been hesitant to commit to converting to natural gas despite a push by one of two gas companies installing lines in Augusta that will allow lines to several streets in the neighborhood.More

Group challenges Maine, New England gas-line expansion plan
Portland Press Herald
A Boston-based environmental group says an unprecedented proposal for New Englanders to pay billions of dollars to expand natural gas pipelines might be avoided by beefing up power plants that use waste heat, importing more hydroelectricity from Canada and increasing energy efficiency. More

EPA to seek to cut power plant carbon by one-third
Kennebec Journal
The Obama administration will unveil a plan to cut earth-warming pollution from power plants by 30 percent by 2020, setting in motion one of the most significant actions to address global warming in U.S. history.More

EPA to energy industry: Stop being so lazy!
The Environmental Protection Agency's new emissions rule appears to be aimed squarely at the nation's massive coal-based utility industry. By 2030, power plants will have to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 30 percent from their 2005 level. (They're already about halfway there.) Coal is both the leading source of electricity in the U.S., and the most carbon-dioxide-emissions-intensive means of generating electricity. More

Got wood? Firewood dealers say don't wait for fall
Portland Press Herald
Firewood dealers say homeowners are calling early and ordering more wood than normal, while memories of last winter's brutal cold are still fresh. That has put pressure on the wood supply, with smaller dealers scrambling to find tree-length wood, process it and schedule timely deliveries. Wait too long to order firewood this year, dealers warn, and it may be hard to get come fall. By late summer, some say, seasoned wood may be especially hard to find.More

Report calls for huge investment in energy development
The New York Times
Enormous amounts of capital investment — up to $2.5 trillion a year — will be needed to supply the world's energy needs through 2035, according to a report released by the International Energy Agency, the intergovernmental organization based in Paris. A total of $40 trillion would go to developing and maintaining energy supplies, with $8 trillion more being spent on energy efficiency, the organization said in the report.More

Maine provides additional funding for Mainers to install heat pumps
The Board of Directors at Efficiency Maine voted to dedicate an additional $2.4 million annually to help Maine homeowners save on their heating bills. Efficiency Maine Board member and Energy Office Director Patrick Woodcock proposed the initiative, which would devote $2.4 million for financial incentives to encourage Mainers to install energy efficient heat pumps. The funding increases the total amount dedicated to assist Mainers with their heating costs to $5.85 million.More

South Portland panel suggests tar sands prohibition
The Forecaster
A committee appointed by the City Council is recommending prohibiting the flow of tar sands oil and restricting development related to the import and export of tar sands. Jeff Edelstein, facilitator of the special Draft Ordinance Committee, in a written statement said the panel's draft recommendation is that South Portland "prohibit within the city the loading of crude oil onto marine vessels." More

NE energy event features biodiesel heating oil
Domestic Fuel
Attendees of a recent energy, petroleum and HVAC industry trade show in the Northeast U.S. got to hear a lot more about biodiesel used as heating oil, better known as Bioheat. The National Biodiesel Board helped feature the green heating fuel at the Atlantic Region Energy Expo, considered the most significant energy event in that area. More

C-stores look to Supreme Court on swipe fees
Merchants are set to take their battle to cut debit-card swipe fees to the Supreme Court, potentially opening a new chapter in a winding legal battle that has pitted convenience store owners and other retailer against banks and the Federal Reserve, reported The Wall Street Journal.More

Supplier: Cash points can boost loyalty and spend in convenience stores
Retail Times
Local shop managers looking to encourage loyalty, footfall and sales should consider the benefits of installing a cash point, according to a new survey of consumer habits. Amid gloomy forecasting about the future of the high street, local shops are thriving as the "one-stop" shop for time-poor consumers. Findings from a newly published report demonstrate that by offering customers access to cash at the same time as purchasing their groceries or paying a bill, shop owners are more likely to encourage return visits and additional spend in store.More