MEMA opposing biomass conversion proposals

The NRCM issued a study showing their position on biomass subsidies so that taxpayers can fund commercial conversions of oil and propane boilers to biomass. While Maine has already spent over $2 billion in the last 20 years propping up the biomass electric generators, that gravy train seems to be coming to an end. The new plan is to spend millions converting commercial boilers to prop up the loggers and chip manufacturers.

All in the name of sustainability and climate change. While there are benefits to biomass, there are also many negatives. In any event, the government should not be using tax dollars to pick. See the study here. Many who have seen it claim it is nonsense. The clear indication is that no one is installing these biomass systems except for those given massive grants to do so. The market doesn’t support them.

We are providing information to bring some reason to this attempt to use millions of tax dollars to prop up the wood industry.