Answers on Aging for Professionals
June. 30, 2011

Obama talks Medicare, debt limit in press conference
Kaiser Health News
VideoBriefPresident Barack Obama said corporations should give up some tax breaks before the United States asks seniors to pay more for their Medicare benefits. But, Obama also opened the door to make changes and spending reductions to Medicare.More

Health debate shifts to entitlement cuts
The Hill
Congressional Republicans have had some success in shifting the health care debate back to the reform law, but speculation about health entitlement cuts in a debt-ceiling deal could thwart their momentum.More

Berenson: Take small steps now to lower Medicare costs
Kaiser Health News
With the 2012 election fast coming into focus, Congress is unlikely to alter seniors' beloved Medicare in any fundamental way. But Congress can, and should, take small but important steps now to lower the cost of the program, says Robert Berenson, a physician, health policy researcher and former Medicare official.More

Affordable Care Act saves $260 million this year
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, almost half a million individuals enrolled in Medicare's prescription drug benefit have received a 50 percent discount on their out-of-pocket costs in the first five months of 2011.More

A fun way to stay in shape: Americans aren't hitting their prime till after 65
USA Today
Whether you are a 20-something, Gen Xer or baby boomer, the older crew has an edge on you, new research shows. A sweeping poll looking at American attitudes, health and behaviors concludes that people over 65 consistently have a higher degree of well-being than any other age group.More

10 most rapidly aging cities in America
The Huffington Post
Just as the United States struggles to figure out the future of Social Security, there's a hard truth to face: Americans are only getting older. With the first of the generation recently turning 65, baby boomers across the country are changing the demographic makeup of cities and metropolitan areas across the country in a number of ways, according to a new study by The Brookings Institute.More

Study helps explain 'sundowning,' an anxiety syndrome in elderly dementia patients
New research provides the best evidence to date that the late-day anxiety and agitation sometimes seen in older institutionalized adults, especially those with dementia, has a biological basis in the brain.More

UCSF medical students create free medical translation app, conquering language barriers to patient care
University of California-San Francisco
What started as a 2 a.m. conversation over coffee — a commiseration, really — between two fourth-year medical students, ended with the development of a free mobile medical translation application with the potential to profoundly impact patient care worldwide. More

NFCA Family Caregiver Award Competition
Homewatch Caregivers
NFCA is helping to sponsor a family caregiver award competition. The winner receives $10,000, so please consider nominating a family caregiver(s). Nominations will be accepted through July 29. To learn more and nominate a family caregiver, click here.More

New guide on transportation for elders in Indian country
National Center on Senior Transportation
American Indian elders living on reservations and other Indian lands often travel long distances over rough terrain to reach essential services. "Crossing Great Divides: A Guide to Elder Mobility Resources and Solutions in Indian Country," was developed by the National Center on Senior Transportation in partnership with the National Rural Transit Assistance Program to offer a spark for action within each Tribe to address the mobility needs of elders.More

ACA webinar on Aligning Systems for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees
Administration on Aging
On Tuesday, July 5, the Administration on Aging will continue its series of webinars focused on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 — also known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA — and its impact on the aging network. This next webinar will focus on improving systems and benefits for people with Medicare and Medicaid (also known as dual eligibles).More