Senate Health Care Bill Diverges from House on Key Provisions
from The Washington Post
Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid presented an $848 billion health-care overhaul package that would extend coverage to 31 million Americans and reform insurance practices while adding an array of tax increases, including a rise in payroll taxes for high earners.More

Rising Prices of Drugs Lead to Call for Inquiry
from The New York Times
Democrats in Congress asked for two separate investigations of drug industry pricing Wednesday as they continue working on legislation to overhaul the nationís health care system.More

In the House, 'Doc Fix' Redux
from The New York Times
While the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, works to complete his version of health care legislation, the House this week will return to the issue of averting steep cuts in Medicare payment rates to doctors.More

Colorado Senior Lobby Supports Reform
from The Denver Post
There has been a lot of attention paid lately to what seniors think about health care reform. Unfortunately, much of what has been said about this topic has been misleading. If you've been following media reports on health care reform, you understandably would have the impression that most seniors are opposed to Congress' and the president's proposals. This is of great concern to us.More

Seniors at Risk of Hunger: State by State
from MOWAA
Senior Hunger in the United States: Differences across States and Rural and Urban Areas is a follow-up to the groundbreaking 2008 report entitled The Causes, Consequences and Future of Senior Hunger in America that updates the findings on the extent and distribution of senior hunger across the nation using data from 2001-2007.More

A Bridge to the Past
from The Daily Triplicate
Archie Thompson learned the Yurok language as a boy living on his grandmother's ranch. Many decades later, the 90-year-old Thompson is the elder Yurok who is passing on the language to a new generation. Twice a week, Thompson sits in on Yurok language classes for high-schoolers at Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods in Klamath, where he serves as a living resource, one of a handful of surviving fluent speakers.More

New Monitoring Tools Help Improve Chronic Disease Management
from iHealthBeat
Remote patient monitoring tools are gaining increased attention as a strategy to lower health care costs and improve chronic disease care, Kaiser Health News/Washington Post reports.More

The Virtual Doctor Visit
from The Washington Post
This elderly couple is among participants in one of several pilot projects that home health-care providers, retirement communities and others are conducting to see if high-tech but simple devices can help doctors closely monitor aging patients at home in a way that will help control problems before they escalate and cut back on the need for costly long-term care and hospital admissions - especially repeat hospital visits for chronic conditions.More

Medicare Part D Spotlight: Part D Plan Availability in 2010 and Key Changes Since 2006
from Kaiser Family Foundation
This initial analysis examines the stand-alone Medicare drug plan options that will be available to beneficiaries in 2010, including the number of available, premiums for those plans, and benefit designs. About two-thirds of the nearly 27 million Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in Part D plans get their coverage through stand-alone plans.More

Into the Final Stretch on Project 2020 in 2009!

As previously reported, n4a and NASUA continue to work closely with Project 2020 Senate champion Senator Maria Cantwell's office to advance S. 1257 through an amendment to the health care reform bill soon to come to the Senate floor. As we wait for this possible floor amendment to advance, advocates must not sit idle. n4a will alert you to the ideal time to make calls to your Senators on any Project 2020 amendments to health care reform, but it is critical that we continue to use the next few weeks to build overall support for S. 1257/H.R. 2852. Please take action in the next week to help move Project 2020 forward. Click here to take action. More