NACBA Weekly Update
Aug. 7, 2009

Churches Push for $10 Minimum Wage by 2010
from Religions News Service via USA Today
Religious leaders and advocates, not satisfied with the 70-cent rise in the federal minimum wage that went into effect on Friday, are calling on congressional leaders to hike it up to $10 by 2010. Even after the increase to $7.25 an hour, more than 600 interfaith leaders across the nation have signed a letter sponsored by a non-profit coalition whose aim is to raise the federal and state minimum wage to a "living wage." More

Campaign Aims to Bring Millions Back to Church
from The Christian Post
It's back-to-school season for many Americans. But this year, Christians are looking to make it back-to-church season for the millions who haven't stepped foot into a worship service in a while, or at all. With only 20 percent of the U.S. population attending church, Outreach Inc. has launched the "Back to Church Sunday" campaign to draw the millions of unchurched and de-churched (who attended church only as a child) back to the pews. More

How to Save on Construction in a Challenging Economy
from Church Executive Magazine
Taking on a building project of any kind just now, in this recession, be it new construction, expansion or refurbishment of an existing space, brings added scrutiny from all parties involved — pastors and staff, volunteer leadership and congregations at large. The author of this article believes there are numerous ways for church communities to successfully navigate projects from start to completion, while being fully aware of a range of cost-saving measures. More

Wisconsin Church Considers Installing a Green Roof
from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Green roofs are growing in popularity, with Milwaukee ranking in the top 10 cities nationwide in such construction on various university, government and hospital projects. But green roofs still are rare for religious facilities. A Madison, Wis., church, First Unitarian Society, may be the only church in Wisconsin that has made such an investment, said John Imes, executive director of the Wisconsin Environmental Initiative. More

Learn Where Your Church May Be Liable
To many the church represents a safe haven from the troubles of the world. Along with this belief usually comes the perception that nothing bad will ever happen at the church because it is a safe place affording spiritual, emotional and physical protection. It is our experience that, unfortunately, this belief is generally just not true. While the church should be a safe haven, it is important to remember that the church is not immune to the troubles of the world. More

Canned Worship
from Ministry Today
If music can’t change the world, then it certainly can change the atmosphere. A profoundly powerful medium, it has been for generations a vital force for churches engaging with the culture at large. Yet music also plays a central role in the gathered church’s expression of worship. More

The Great Disconnect in Church Marketing
from Ministry Marketing Coach
Each year, millions are spent in outreach in churches. Yet the effectiveness crisis continues year after year. Some researchers estimate 70% of churches are plateaued in growth. Some churches are busting at the seams—with transfers from other churches. Where is the outreach to the unchurched? No wonder people are critical of marketing in the church. It seems to be contributing to the problem. More

Florida Church Launches iPhone, iPod Touch App
from TMCnet
Several churches are now streaming services over the iPhone. One of the first was Northland, A Church Distributed, in Longwood, Fla, which launched an iPhone Web App last month offering not just videos of past church services, but the ability to join in live services via streaming video. Today, approximately 2,000 people regularly worship with Northland online, bringing the church into homes, coffee shops, restaurants, military bases, offices ... "even a Burger King restaurant," church officials say. More

Church Gives Building to another Congregation
from the Baptist Press
In the early 1970s, Valley View Baptist Church in Tulsa was running 400 in Sunday School. Then the neighborhood began to transition and membership spiraled downward. Although the neighborhood has changed dramatically over the past 35 years, the church began to reach out to the neighborhood with a Bible club on Sunday afternoons. More

Faith Groups More Likely to Attract Volunteers, Report Says
from Religion News Service via USA Today
Faith-based organizations attract more volunteers than any other type of organization, according to a survey by the Corporation for National and Community Service. More than one-third of the country's almost 62 million volunteers served through religious organizations last year. More

Reaching the Unemployed
from Your Church
Career Solutions serves as one primary example of dozens of ministry efforts and programs launching across the country. As the U.S. jobless rate surpasses 9 percent--and some project 10 percent by the end of the year—many church leaders see an increasing opportunity to minister to members and reach out to the community. More

Building Team Morale
from LifeWay
Think about the teams you currently have in your church. You probably have deacons, Sunday School leaders, various committees, and other ministry teams. The fact is much of the work of the church is carried out through the work of teams. For a team to function with a high degree of success, the team must have high morale. More

What’s Holding Your Congregation Back?
from the Ministry Toolbox
Many people in our churches aren’t living up to their full potential in Christ. They’re hanging onto worries, wounds, and wrongs that have plagued them for years. In this issue, we’ll see what the Bible says about overcoming struggles that keep people from fulfilling God’s purpose for their life. More