NACD's Company Productivity Report and Compensation & Benefits Survey now open

The submission period is now open for the 2013 Company Productivity Report (CPR) and for the Compensation & Benefits Survey. These unique surveys offer invaluable benchmarks for measuring your company's strengths and weaknesses to improve both operations and compensation and benefits.

Company Productivity Report (CPR)
For nearly three decades, the CPR has provided you invaluable benchmarks for gauging your firm's operating strengths and areas for enhancement. Though paper forms are available, you have the option of filling out the survey online by simply going to Industry Insights' secure website: (case sensitive). The deadline for submissions is May 24.

As in the past, this year's Company Productivity Report (CPR) will provide you with a completely confidential individual company performance profile of your own firm's results together with an overall industry-wide performance report, complete with how-to-use guidelines and analysis of industry-wide results. The report will be published in early summer to ensure that you have your results on a timely basis. The total cost of participating is $350.

Compensation & Benefits Survey
The NACD Compensation & Benefits Survey offers you the best way to see how your company's compensation and benefits packages compare to those of your peers. As with the Productivity Report, you may complete the Survey online by going to the Industry Insights' secure website: The total cost to participate in this year's Compensation & Benefits Survey is $250. The deadline for submission is May 3.

The Survey provides you with an individual company compensation report, and an overall industry-wide report, complete with how-to-use guidelines and analysis of industry-wide results.