Calling all Leaders: Register for the Duke Leadership Program, Today!

The Duke Executive Education's Duke Leadership Program, presented by NACD, is based on the principle that every leader has an individual style. Each day during the Duke Leadership Program on Feb. 8-13, you’ll meet with an assigned coach experienced in executive planning and the 360-degree leadership assessment. Based on your results and goals, you’ll create a personalized action plan with short- and long-term objectives. This will allow you to craft tactical plans for specific work situations, such as a new assignment or change initiative, as well as a behavioral plan for long-term leadership performance. Space is limited, so sign up today for the February program in Durham, North Carolina.

You'll also learn to:
  • Create and project your vision, values, and expertise
  • Become more intentional and strategic in leadership, as opposed to relying on intuition alone
  • Build coherence by clarifying roles, rules, and processes
  • Serve as a source of optimism and enthusiasm while eliciting excellence and innovation
  • Provide the resources and support to encourage savvy risk taking
  • Infuse responsibility, ethical actions, and balance in an organizational setting
  • Recognize ways to lead effectively under a variety of conditions/circumstances
  • Lead during times of change, including crises and mergers
  • Create an effective leadership team
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