NACD NewsBrief
Dec. 5, 2013

NACD and CEF are moving!

On Friday, Dec. 6, NACD and CEF will be moving office locations. On this day, our phone and fax lines will be down but are expected to be up and running no later than Monday, Dec. 9. If you need to reach an NACD or CEF staff member, please contact by email. Our new address is 1560 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1100, Arlington, VA 22209 — please change our corporate address in your company records. Note: Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same.More

Survey: 2014 NACD Membership Directory

As we begin to put together the 2014 NACD Membership Directory, we're looking for feedback from you as to how you access the directory. Do you prefer the hard copy or digital format? Let us know and take this quick, three-question survey.

Quick Reminder — don't forget to turn in your company directory update sheets! More

New program: Responsible Distribution consultations on Jan. 28 in Houston

Need help or just need to figure out how to get started with document verification? Doug Kutz, the Responsible Distribution Mentor, and Mike Lang will be in Houston on Jan. 28 and will roll up their sleeves to work with you! Please note that this is not a Responsible Distribution workshop but rather a brand new, one-on-one event. Contact Mike at to sign up for your personal meeting!More

In case you missed it: Annual Meeting presentations posted online

Last week, the presentations from the 2013 Annual Meeting were posted on NACD's website. To view and download the presentations, including keynote presentations from Jason Jennings, Alan Beaulieu and Michael Canic, please click here.

If you haven't already done so, please complete our attendee evaluation here.More

Book your hotel room for the 2014 Western Region Meeting

We're heading back to the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel on the Big Island for the 2014 Western Region Meeting. Mark your calendars for April 22-26, and make your hotel reservations now! Click here to view available room options and to book your room.More

Digital edition of October-December issue of Chemical Distributor now available

The digital edition of the October-December issue of the Chemical Distributor is now available for viewing and download on the NACD website. This quarter's issue features articles on a wide range of topics, including how ethics can improve your business, the importance of great leadership, the secret to success of the leading U.S. chemical distributors and more. To view the latest edition, please click here. Please note you will need your members-only username and password to access the full version of the magazine. More

7 ways to increase employee satisfaction without giving a raise
A few years ago when employees became dissatisfied with their organization they would quit and get another job. Today, with placement opportunities very low and unemployment extremely high, very few people opt to quit and leave. As a result something much worse is happening within organizations. Employees "quit," but they stay. In the last year, overall job satisfaction in the U.S. has declined significantly. Employees feel stuck in their current jobs and their dissatisfaction with the organizations they work for increases.More

What to make of those annual forecasts
By Michael J. Berens
With 2014 only a month away, last year's business plans are heading for the shredder. 'Tis the season once again for sharpening pencils, creating fresh spreadsheets and bringing the team together for a visioning and planning session. And just in time, here comes the annual parade of predictions, forecasts and trends for the coming year to give you a bit of help. Should you factor them into your plans or dismiss them as just so much seasonal industry buzz? Here are a few rules-of-thumb to help you get the most from this year's forthcoming crop.More

7 secrets to speed through a pile of resumes
You've put an ad online or in the local paper to fill an open position or bring in extra help over the holiday season. Now you dread opening your email knowing you'll find tens or maybe hundreds of resumes waiting. A flood of job applicants can be daunting. But these seven tips, courtesy of Tom Gimbel, CEO of Chicago Staffing firm LaSalle Network, will help speed you through the job quickly.More

How to get your staff on the same page
When a major issue arises, is everybody at your company serving the same interests? Or is one person serving the engineering team, another person serving the sales team, one board member serving the VC fund, another serving the early-stage "angels" and another serving the CEO? If that's the case, then your team is misaligned. No individual department's interests are as important as the company's.More

Refresh your leadership style
Most leaders in today's workplace could use a fresh start. They are struggling with the new demands that are being placed upon them; these include: how to lead the changing demographic shift, how to keep doing more with less and how to execute with the required speed as the marketplace continues to evolve and reinvent itself. More