DHS to Hold More Webinars, In-Person Training on Chemical Security Assessment Tool

DHS anticipates that CSAT 2.0 will improve a facilities’ experience when submitting CFATS-required surveys and decrease the burden on facilities. Additionally, CSAT 2.0 will collect the data necessary to process facilities through the new CFATS tiering methodology, which is being deployed this week. With this new tiering methodology, all chemical facilities with threshold level chemicals on the CFATS Appendix A list will be required to submit new Top-Screens.

More information about the implementation of the improved tiering methodology can be found in DHS’s July 20 Federal Register notice. The webinars will take place on Oct. 12-13, and the in-person sessions will begin on Oct. 25 in Boston. For details and to register, click here and expand the CSAT 2.0 Roadshow section.
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